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Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos

Here’s our philosophy of hospitality: rock ’n’ roll makes people feel great.

That’s been our thinking since we started back in 1971 with a plan to bring together good music, good food, and good people, and have a blast doing it. Rock stars filled the room, and the partying, not surprisingly, was epic. But eventually, some time before dawn, people would need a place to crash.

That’s the inspiration behind Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos. Today the party never ends, and no one has to go home.

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Of course, the amenities of our upper-upscale hotels offer more expansive ways to live large. You’ll luxuriate at our indulgent spas, savor our hand-crafted cocktails, travel the world’s cuisines in our restaurants, and feel the rush of exhilaration in our casinos.

And have no fear, we’re as passionate about indulgent rest and relaxation as we are about high-energy nightlife. After all, we want you in good shape for the next night.

Although we like to think that each Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has everything you need, there is a variety of amazing locations. Look over the list, and you’ll see regions both familiar and exotic, from the Caribbean to tropical Asia, and, of course, the place that gave rise to rock ’n’ roll in the first place, the USA.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino experience is whatever you want to make of it — or want us to make of it. Because whether you're on a romantic getaway or a buddy trip, our highly attentive road crew is dedicated to making your fantasies real.

Or as we like to say: Love all. Serve all.

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At Hard Rock we are committed to ensuring that Hard Rock Hotels meet and exceed all of the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Click here to learn more
The Hotel and Casino Experence Video
The Hotel and Casino Experence Video
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