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Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

230 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60601 | 1-866-966-5166


Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is 40 stories of Art Deco packed with hundreds of stories of rock ’n’ roll, and in a city famous for both its music and architecture, that makes this the place to stay.

We’re a downtown Chicago hotel, standing tall within the historic Carbon & Carbide Building on illustrious Michigan Avenue. On a boulevard of upscale department stores, restaurants and luxury retailers, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago is audacious, contemporary, and maybe just the perfect fit.

Built during Prohibition, the Carbon & Carbide building is said to be the shape and color of a champagne bottle, with the green terra cotta exterior corresponding to the green glass of a bottle, its shoulders narrowing as the neck rises, capped by a golden tower resembling a shimmering foil top.

In other words, this place was literally built for a good time.

To this majestic icon of revelry we add the authentic Hard Rock experience, then turn it all the way up. The result? Service worthy of a rock star on tour.

Here’s a perfect example: As part of our Check In, Rock Out program, you’ll enjoy complimentary Gibson guitar rentals, along with guitar lessons on your TV. If you’re not a musician now, you might be when you leave.

Rest assured we’re as passionate about indulgent rejuvenation as we are about amplification. In fact, our spa therapists will be happy to give you a soothing Rolling Hot Stone massage, or if you’re really bent, our deep-tissue Heavy Metal massage. We’re here to show you a good time -- from the moment you get out of our Sleep Like A Rock bed to the moment you slip back into it.

One way to have a good time is to dine at famed chef Kerry Simon’s restaurant, Chuck’s: A Kerry Simon Kitchen. Chef Simon has returned to his hometown of Chicago to bring his contemporary and flavorful approach to classic American cuisine in this retro chic restaurant. For more of a rock ’n’ roll clubhouse atmosphere, step into Angels & Kings. And feel free not to resist temptation -- you can always balance your nights with days spent in our fitness center.

The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago experience is whatever you make of it -- or want us to make of it. Because whether you're looking to take lessons on your Gibson Flying V or prefer to be humbled by seeing Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy live, our attentive road crew is always there to make your wishes come true. So don't settle for any downtown Chicago hotel, give yourself the full rock-star treatment at the unique Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

But like any great live show, we tend to get sold out. So reserve a room right now using the handy booking feature on this page.