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Cancun's Hotel Zone: The Places You Need to Visit

August 23, 2019

Cancun is one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico, which is visited by many tourists every year. The Hotel Zone is not an exception either, as most tourists stay here because of its incredible location, where you can find along with its 15 miles resorts, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and most importantly: the beach!

Getting around the Hotel Zone is very easy, there are buses passing by constantly. The price of the bus is approximately 0.63 USD. There are only two round-trip lanes so depending on which direction you are going, it's where you should take the bus.

We want to share with you the places you can't miss when you come to the Hotel Zone for an unforgettable vacation.

Nichupté Lagoon

Nichupte Lagoon
Source: Pinterest

In the Hotel Zone, you have the beach on one side and on the other, the Nichupté Lagoon. If you want to catch the perfect sunset, turn your head over to Nichupté Lagoon, as the sun hides on the side of the lagoon, not the sea.

Mayan Museum of Cancun

Mayan Museum of Cancun
Source: Museo Maya de Cancún

Here you can find the most relevant pieces of the Mayan world from emblematic places like Chichen-Itza, Palenque, Comalcalco and more. If you're interested in history, this is the right place for you.

Km. 0

Km. 0
Source: SIPSE

If you want to exercise outdoors, going to "Kilometer 0" is the best option. This is where the Hotel Zone begins, you can find a cycle path for running and cycling. There is also gym equipment that you can use for free.

Shopping Malls

Source: Puerto Cancún

There are 3 important Shopping Malls in the Hotel Zone: Puerto Cancún Marina Town, Plaza la Isla and Plaza Kukulcán. You can find the best shops, restaurants and outdoor areas for you and your family.

Great Wheel of Cancun

Great Wheel of Cancun
Source: La Gran Rueda

If you want to get the best panoramic photos of Cancun, the Great Wheel or "La Gran Rueda" is the best option for you. Just 2 years after its opening, this is one of the most visited spots by tourists. The Great Wheel of Cancun is located inside Plaza la Isla, after finishing the experience you can take the opportunity to walk around the mall.

Cancun Sign

Source: TripAdvisor

The Cancun sign is located in one of the most beautiful beaches: Playa Delfines. Sometimes you'll have to wait in line so we recommend you to be patient and arrive early.

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