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Who's up for a Mayan wedding?

Have you ever wondered how the ancestors of southeast Mexico used to unite their bonds with a beloved one? 

In Southeast Mexico, the Mayan culture was the most dominant society in Mesoamerica before the 16th century. It was located in some areas of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Southeast Mexico.

Mayans are known worldwide for their countless discoveries, contributions, and predictions to the actual world. That’s why everything around them turns out to be mystic and exciting. From their archeological developments to their religion, rituals and much more.

What is it all about?

Mayan Wedding Ritual
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In a Mayan wedding ceremony, papers don't need to be signed, as this is solely a spiritual union ritual that presents the bride and groom to the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. These are supposed to provide energy, harmony and success in marriage to the new couple.

Mayan weddings should take place in nature, either an archaeological site, a beach, hidden caves in the Riviera Maya, or in a cenote.

Mayan Wedding
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The bride wears a white huipil, which is the traditional female Mayan clothing, and the groom a handmade woven white suit.

The music that accompanies the event should be played by wind instruments and percussion, that date-back to the pre-hispanic times.

Before the ceremony starts, the couple needs permission from these energies since for the Mayans, they are alive and listen to everything said by human beings.

Mayan Wedding by the Beach
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The Shaman is someone who leads the ceremony, as he can see and talk with these elements through prayers in the Mayan language to ask all the elements to be present.

Copal and incense are used to clean bad energies and thoughts from the aura of the bride, groom and wedding guests. 

After all the presents auras are clean, it's time to move to the altar.

What should be offered at the altar are the natural most important elements for the Mayans, such as corn beans, cacao beans, regional flowers, fruits, and petals, that represent the secret language of love.

Finally, the union of the couple is sealed with the exchange of rings that represent the marriage pledge.

Mayan Wedding by the Beach
Photo by: bodas.com.mx

Now the bride and groom are blessed by the spiritual gods and the celebrations are ready to start with a banquet with traditional Mayan plates and beverages.

Mayan weddings are still popular in southeast Mexico because of their deep meaning, the magic that is felt surrounding the ceremony and the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. That is the final touch for this once in a lifetime event.

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