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Must Have Courses Foodies Should Try at The Market Food Hall

June 14, 2021 Omar Aguilar
The Market Food Hall Punta Cana

Must Have Courses Foodies Should Try at The Market Food Hall

This summer, visit the new Market Food Hall.

Visit these food stations to please your palate.

Buffet at The Market Food Hall

The Market Food Hall Buffet  

Asian Food Station - Amphawa, Thailand

Amphawa was a small community that prospered in trade and farming and now has become a lively scene of vendors paddling boats to sell various freshly prepared Thai delicacies. 

Tuna, salmon, white fish are dishes you may enjoy in the raw bar. Don’t forget to order world-famous Pokes and Ramen. 


Poke Market Food Hall

Photo by: Yoav Aziz

Italian Food Station - Rome, Italy

This corner of Italy offers a selection of Roman Street food favorites, a place to enjoy tasty food.

Savor homemade pasta and gourmet pizzas right from the oven.

Homemade Pasta Market Food Hall

Photo by: Victoria Shes

Mexican Food Station - Mexico City, Mexico

This station represents one of the most traditional Mexican markets and the best place to enjoy classic street food called ”antojitos”.

You should try from classic tacos such as pastor, arrachera and carnitas; to ceviches with octopus, oysters and chipotle.

Mexican Tacos at The Market Food Hall

Photo by: Daniel Arriola 

Spanish Food Station - Barcelona, Spain

A taste of Spain around the corner. Inspired by La Boquería, where street vendors and farmers from nearby villages and farmhouses located themselves to sell their products on the outskirts of Barcelona’s rampant back in the ’80s.

Have a taste of exquisite gazpachos (Spanish veggies, cold soup, and olive oil), Spanish ham, Iberian chorizo and salami. 

Salami at the Market Food Hall

Photo by: Ilona Frey

Mixology Station - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Just opened in 2021, the Market Brewery offers a selection of hand-craft cocktails paired with one of the vast food options. From world wines to freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

Don´t forget to ask for our daily Mixologist drink! 

Travel the world in one place. Reservations are not required.

Cocktail of the day at The Food Market

Photo by: Ulvi Safari

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