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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Travel in 2022

March 18, 2021 Carlos Aguilar
Rooms Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Have you been losing your mind trying to figure out if traveling abroad in 2022 is safe?

We’re here to help you stop overthinking and postponing your dream getaway in paradise.

Nowadays, safety is a  top priority for everyone... No matter where you come from we are all aware of the new Covid measures that are in place to increase our peace of mind and keep us all secure.

At the All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, we are ready to provide you with everything you may need in your next vacation.


Change the way, not your plans.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed about all the new covid requirements, we suggest taking a look at the options you have at the destination you’d like to visit before canceling your plans.

You need a plan that will account for any extra costs such as taking a COVID-19 test before exiting the destination.

Don’t change your dream destination.

You still can have the vacation you deserve across Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Just make sure to do your research and stay in a property that can provide you with all you may need during your stay and for your return home.

In addition to all our enhanced hygiene protocols and procedures, we’ve implemented onsite covid testing for your tranquility.

We have everything you may need to match your vacation plans in paradise and make you feel at ease.

Come experience unlimited fun and luxury in paradise, we’ve already taken care of the rest.


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