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Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

February 10, 2021 Omar Aguilar
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Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Do something different this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to pamper and show love to your furry friend, who might be by your side as you read this blog post. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to let your pet know how much you appreciate their company.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your four-legged friend.

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Buy a New Toy

Save your shoes and furniture and surprise your pet with a new toy. Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your special someone. Visit your local pet shop to buy some goodies, from toys to leashes. It will be a well recognized reward for your furry friend for being there for you. Pets enjoy playing with new toys just like kids. 

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Plan a Trip

Go out with your pet! Plan a day at a local park or explore a new area together. Spend quality time. It is an ideal opportunity to exercise and it can be a low budget date. 

Pets always enjoy using their energy outdoors, even more when it is with you.

Sometimes, you’ll get to meet new friends. These types of excursions are always great to bond with your pet.

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Watch a Movie Together

Create a special night just for the two of you. There may not be pet-friendly theatres in town, but it is possible to watch a movie together from the comfort of your home. Hugs, kisses, popcorn and pet treats will ensure a lovely evening. Put on a fun pet flick if you can.

Have a Photo Session

Valentine’s Day is the perfect celebration to have a themed photoshoot. For sure you already have hundreds of photos of you and your pet. But a Valentine’s photo session is something extra thoughtful. 

The living room or bedroom can be the perfect venues for this session. Use props, costumes, and don't forget to pose with love. Capture these memorable moments and share your story of love on social media.

Pamper Yourself and Your Pet 

We know it isn't easy to find a hotel that allows pets and we also know that your pup or kitty deserves to be pampered just as much as you do. Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos welcomes four-legged guests with its legendary pet-friendly programUnleashed! Featuring a welcome gift, a bedroom amenity, and designated pet areas.  

Now, they’ll be able to rock out right by your side during your luxury vacation in the Pacific. Starting January 31 book your stay with your four-legged friend on and live an unforgettable experience. A fabulous vacation with your pet awaits you at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos!

It is time to reward all the unconditional love your pet shows you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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