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What to eat in Cancun? The 7 dishes you must try.

December 03, 2019

Cancun is a pretty young city, it's about to celebrate its 50th anniversary and it really has experienced an impressive growth throughout the years. The population that has migrated to this paradisiacal destination is very diverse and has provided a multiculturalism that has boosted its growth to this day.

According to Francisco López, Director of Tourism, in Cancun there are more than 116 nationalities and it is the city in Mexico with the most consular representation, housing 36 consulates.

Because of this, the gastronomy of Cancun has been reflected in its multiculturalism and geographical position. Being very close to the Yucatan and the Caribbean Sea, their customs and dishes have been adopted, re-adapting them to new geographical environments.

If you travel to Cancun, you will definitely want to try the typical cuisine, that's why we want to show you the 7 dishes that you can't miss.

Shrimp broth

Normally it's served as an entry or companion of heavier dishes, but there's nothing better than a shrimp broth with a few drops of lime to whet the appetite.


This dish is very simple but really delicious, it's quesadillas with fish (pescado) steak. Pescadillas can be found in any seafood restaurant.

Shrimp tacos

Similar to the fish, but with shrimp. You can find tacos with breaded shrimp, coconut shrimp, weathered shrimp and many other styles of preparation.

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita pibil is one of the most representative dishes from the Yucatan region. Due to its proximity to Quintana Roo, this dish can be easily found. The name comes from the Mayan word pib which means "cooking underground", since in some regions of Yucatan they continue to cook the meat underground.

Cochinita pibil consists of pork leg and pork tenderloin cooked with achiote seeds and sour orange. It’s often served with tortillas and purple onion. If you are into meat, this dish is a must.

Tikin-xic fish

The Tikin-xic fish is prepared with non-flaked white meat fish, orange juice, achiote, peppers, purple onion and tomatoes. It's a perfect dish to eat after the beach accompanied by a beer.

Snail Ceviche

We couldn’t miss the snail ceviche on this list. The snail has always been a symbol of this region, due to its flavor and unique beauty. This ceviche is prepared with lemon juice, avocado, habanero pepper and white onion.

Bonus: Marquesitas

More than being a dish, it is a street dessert and locals love it. The original recipe for a Marquesita is a taco-shaped crepe stuffed with Dutch cheese. Nowadays people like to put all sorts of sweet toppings to their Marquesitas. Nutella, jellies and chocolate are the most popular.

You already know what you will look for on your next trip to Cancun! We hope you can try all of these options, and be sure to let us know which one was your favorite by tagging your pictures with #HRHCancun!

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