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Cenote Packing List: What To Pack For A Cenote Trip

January 10, 2020

All across the Riviera Maya, you will find a vast amount of cenotes. Many hotels and tour agencies offer these excursions to the tourist looking for adventure.

If you do not know what to bring to a cenote, we got you covered with a cenote essentials packing list. Before you go, make sure you are well informed on which cenote you will be visiting in order to be as prepared as possible. Start off by doing the following:


Google your cenote

Get informed once you decide which cenote to visit. Check reviews, photos, and websites that mentioned that cenote. In addition, ask the locals their opinion. Take advantage of the tips and information you received. Each cenote has its own visitor rules.

Organize your excursion

If you booked an excursion to a cenote you must consider the distance and the estimated time it will take to get there. After that, make sure to plan your transfer to the cenote and confirm the opening hours.


The Basics: Cenote Packing Check List

Backpack: Always consider bringing a carry-on when visiting a cenote. This backpack should be versatile, lightweight, and easy to carry. With enough space to keep your personal belongings safe and dry.

Tennis shoes: It might be a good idea to wear tennis shoes while walking through grass and rocky paths. Running or casual tennis shoes are ideal for this kind of tour. Water shoes are also welcome.

Sandals/flip-flops: Wearing sandals is recommended after a refreshing swim and maintain your tennis shoes dry. They are easy to carry and keep your feet comfortable.

Swimwear: Go for a splash! A good tip is to wear your swimsuit from the moment you leave your room or hotel. This will help to speed up the change of clothes at the cenote. There's no need for fancy outfits.

Natural Sunscreen/ Insect repellent: You are in the middle of the jungle. Sun, mosquitos, and insects will keep you company during your tour. It is important to care for your health. Please avoid using chemicals as blockers or insect repellents that harm the environment. Water: Hot and humid weather is what you will find at the cenotes area. Make sure to carry a bottle of water with you. Some excursions offer additional activities like kayaking, ziplining, snorkeling, and biking. Stay hydrated.

Snacks: You';ll get tired after a nice and refreshing swim in the cenote. Sometimes nearby food options are minutes away. For example, energy bars, fruits or sandwiches are a good option to have a snack before you have a main course. 

Towel: It doesn't have to be a big-sized towel. A small-sized will do the job to dry you and keep you warm after swimming. Ensure that the towel fits in your backpack but does not cover a lot of space.

Camera: Action cameras and cellphones are definitely welcome in this type of excursion. Post on social media your experience and make your friends jealous.

Cash: No ATMs are available in the middle of the jungle. In other words, make sure you have cash if you plan to visit any of the cenotes. Some cenotes offer extra fee activities.


Visit a Cenote

Visiting a cenote is a must-do if you travel to the Riviera Maya. Travelers from all around the world are making this type of attraction every vacation season. Be surrounded by nature and wildlife is a unique experience. In conclusion, take note of these tips and have a nice trip.

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