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What’s it like to travel to Cancun in 2022?


Everyday has become a new challenge for everyone, but on the other hand, we have learned that we  are stronger than we thought we were.

Among so many other topics, we’ve learned to appreciate those little things that make our lives worth living. From a cup of hot coffee, to a beautiful sunset through your window.

We bet you’ve spent the last months thinking about how and when you will be able to travel and enjoy life as you used to know it. Well, we have some big news for you. You don’t have to keep postponing your appointment with paradise.

As we’re facing a new era, you have to make sure that your Mexico travel plans fit in perfectly with the new normal, without having to miss out on the experiences you deserve while in paradise.

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun has implemented the SAFE+SOUND Program, which is our safety promise to both guests and staff.

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