Roxity Kids Club™

Join the Roxity Kids Club™ to enjoy the following benefits for your entire stay: Roxity ID Club for daily access to Roxity Kids Club™ & all Roxity activities (Roxstars Paws n’ Draw, Styler’s Creative Bracelet, Sir Kingston’s Bandana Stamp Stamp, Rockwall Climbing Challenge, Kids Olympics at Sand Island and many more), Gift Pack, free drinks, free Roxity lunch at Starz Diner Restaurant during stay as Roxity Kids Club™ member.

Good to Know

Kids of all sizes need a place where they can move to their own rhythm.

  • Daily Kids activities (selected activities that allow to implement physical distancing and avoid using shared equipment)
  • Maximum capacity of ROXITY Kids Club has been set, whereby only 5 kids allowed at a time
  • All kids must be potty trained and diaper free
  • Kids must wear face mask all the time

Price & Package

  • 1 day – IDR 200K net/pax
  • 3 consecutive days – IDR 500K net/pax
  • 7 consecutive days – IDR 800K net/pax
  • 10 consecutive days – IDR 1mill net/pax

Packages include:

  • Goodie Bag
  • Daily set lunch
  • Lanyard Name Tag (1 Day package will get wristband)

Operating Hours

Daily from 9 am to 6 pm
Age Requirement: 4 – 12 years old

Please note that Roxity Kids Club™ is a drop-off only kids club. Adults are not allowed.