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Hard Rock International is a spirited global brand expanding around the globe. Since 1971, we have paved the way for the next generation of Hard Rock Hotel leaders to deliver authentic experiences that rock. 

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So if you're looking to take your hospitality career to the next level, check out the open hotel jobs on Hard Rock Hotel Careers or *email your resume/CV to jobs@hrhbudapest.com. Bring along your style, creativity, and personality and help us deliver amplified guest service in Budapest. For the inside scoop, stay connected with us on LinkedIn.



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*This job posting is for a position in a hotel that is independently owned and operated by a 3rd party vendor/operator/company. This means your application will be submitted to and reviewed solely by the prospective employer, who will make any hiring decisions. If hired, the 3rd party vendor/operator/company will be your employer and is alone responsible for any employment related matters.