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Hard Rock Is a Brand Unlike Any Other

and Our Culture Defines Us


We create authentic experiences that rock.


  1. Practice honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  2. Encourage everyone to maximize their potential.
  3. Take personal accountability for getting results.
  4. Create brand excitement through innovation.
  5. Deliver Amplified Service!


Love All - Serve All, All Is One, Take Time To Be Kind, Save the Planet


Music may be our differentiator, but philanthropy is our soul.  Since 1971, Hard Rock has believed it’s our duty to help protect the planet and give back to our communities.  We have a deep compassion for others and a dedication to making the world a better place to be.  For detailed information on specific initiatives, please visit our philanthropy page.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Orlando*

Brian A. - Bartender

I have worked at Hard Rock for more than a decade - and I have been a Bartender the entire time.  I love what I do.  I dig getting to meet and serve rock stars, celebrities and just regular everyday people that come back to the hotel year after year.  We become like a family. 

Often guests come and stay for 5 – 7 days at a time, and just want to chill in the evening by hanging at the bar. They tell me about their families and express an interest in knowing what is going on with me.  I have the opportunity to make guest visits memorable. It is really cool to be able to make that connection with people.

I also like working where staff can be themselves.  I can high five a team member in the hallway, and I know that if I need something all I have to do is ask.  Everyone is here to help each other.   I like being free to be and look like myself.   My goal every day is to provide exceptional service while having fun interacting with my guests and teammates.  

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando are employed by Loews Hotels.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta*

Elda V. - Quality and Training Assistant

To work for Hard Rock is a one-of-a-kind experience.  What I love most is that the brand allows me to be myself in different ways.  I love to serve and work in an excellent environment. It is always a pleasure to come and work every day in a place full of positive energy. The building design, staff hallway decor, the music, the memorabilia and most importantly the people make you feel part of something unique.

The mottos are an authentic part of the brand: Love All – Serve All, All Is One, Save The Planet, & Take Time To Be Kind.  Small phrases full of meaning, they have created an impact on my life.  I am excited about all the famous rock stars who partner with Hard Rock for global philanthropic and environmental projects.   What’s more rewarding is seeing the happy faces of the children we have helped locally through our activities, especially through the Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign. I enjoy helping schools and foster homes in my community and leaving a Hard Rock footprint by creating memories in the children’s minds. I know that my small contributions make a big difference to my team, our guests and our community. Hard Rock is not just a place to work… it is more like a lifestyle. 

¡¡¡ I love Hard Rock!!!

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta are employed by All Inclusive Collection.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Macau*

Evena L. - Butler Services, Manager

As a fan of Hard Rock since I was a teenager, I was so excited to land a job at the first Hotel & Casino property in Asia in 2009!  For the previous 6 years, I worked for a luxury brand, wearing suits and high heels.  At Hard Rock I found myself surrounded by priceless memorabilia (each piece with its own unique story) and music that I love.  It is also an environment where I get the opportunity to interact with raving fans from all different parts of the world!   While still following all of the hospitality professionalism I have learned, the Hard Rock culture also gives me a chance to be myself in creating spontaneous personalized moments for our guests. 

Hard Rock’s mission, mottos, and values have taught me to be a better person and I strongly embrace them. We LOVE ALL – SERVE ALL by making sure that every guest who walks into Hard Rock Hotel has an authentic experience that rocks!  With the many Hard Rock philanthropic programs like Pinktober and Imagine There’s No Hunger, our team supports the motto TAKE TIME TO BE KIND. Everyone in the Hard Rock family from department managers to Front Office Agents to Room Attendants works strongly as a team, giving their very best in servicing every guest, truly  ALL IS ONE. Hard Rock also believes it is our responsibility to SAVE THE PLANET.  Our hotel collateral is printed on recycled paper and even our pens are made from recycled materials!!

Hard Rock not only cares about our guests and community, it also cares a lot for our team members.  Hard Rock has also given me the opportunity to grow in my career from an Assistant Manager to a Manager.  I have been able to participate in planning and driving various programs and charity events which have helped me greatly in terms of leadership and self-development. What else to say but Hard Rock “ROCKS” and will KEEP ROCKIN’!!!!

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Macau are employed by City of Dreams.        

Location: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood*

Diana G. - Training Specialist

I always knew that I wanted to work in the hospitality industry. After getting my degree in Hospitality Management, I jumped around between different companies trying to find my ‘home’.  My lucky day came when I met my future husband and he told me about his career at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL.  Every day my husband wakes up excited to go to work and I wanted to experience the same excitement about my career.   Three years later, I am so happy to have joined the Hard Rock Family!  You hear the saying, “It’s not work if you are having fun” and that is what the Hard Rock brand is all about. We work hard and play hard. That is what I love about working for Hard Rock. Whether it is giving back to the local community, partaking in recognition programs, or working to make sure a project runs smoothly, the fun never stops.

Being a globally recognized brand, I have the privilege of telling my family (whether it is my family who lives in South America or the Caribbean) where I work and seeing their excitement as they also know and love the brand.  Hard Rock is all about rock royalty, and that doesn’t just refer to the memorabilia on the walls or the VIP Guests. The team members are also treated like rock royalty through recognition programs, anniversary celebrations, and career development opportunities. I started at Hard Rock as a Catering Coordinator and wanted to assist in developing team members using my educational and professional experience. The Human Resources department took me in as their Training Coordinator and I was soon promoted to Training Specialist.  I will always be grateful to Hard Rock for providing endless opportunities for me and my family.   Thank you!

*Staff members at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood are employed by Seminole Gaming.

Location: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa*

Donny C. - Director of Public Space

In 2006, I received my first Director of Operations role at Hard Rock Las Vegas. I am incredibly proud of the progression of my career there due to the achievement of several accolades, honors, and records set during that tenure. The opportunity for growth has now taken me across the country to Central Florida, where I had the amazing opportunity to open one of the 178, at the time, Hard Rock Cafes. That journey has now afforded me another Director role at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa (and in a department other than food, beverage, or nightlife).

There are a number of different aspects that I appreciate about this brand.  I love the pioneering vision it has demonstrated, such as creating elevated center bars that make the guest as much a part of the experience as the memorabilia and music.  Hard Rock has always embraced all ‘classes’ of people, of every profession and walk of life.  It is not uncommon to see guests mixing with celebrities, with no lines between them. I have so many amazing stories from my own personal experiences, that I am filled with gratitude to continue to be a part of this brand. I also love that philanthropy is a part of the Hard Rock ideology and goes far beyond the mottos of LOVE ALL - SERVE ALL, TAKE TIME TO BE KIND, and SAVE THE PLANET. This brand embodies these mottos on global and local levels, impacting people and cultures everywhere.  I love the lifelong friends and relationships I have made through working with Hard Rock. These relationships, experiences, and opportunities have made me a better leader and human being.

The most unique feature of the Hard Rock culture is the diversity that is at its core.  Our success depends upon the recruitment of incredibly talented, passionate, and animated individuals. Music has so many sounds and styles that reach people universally; identifying people that can embody all those styles and sounds (to each other and the guests) is crucial.  Enjoying the environment that you are in, surrounded by people that are talented and entertaining, unlimited opportunity to propel yourself to the highest ground you are able to see, and being paid in the process - is so much more than a job; it is a culture!

*Staff members at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa are employed by Seminole Gaming.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Macau*

Suzanne C. - Assistant Manager of Quality Service

Are you a Hard Rocker? For sure I was born to be a Hard Rocker!

When I first learned about Hard Rock, I was already very impressed.  During my university internship at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, my love for the Hard Rock brand increased.  The first thing that I learned from Hard Rock is - 'Be Yourself'. Not every company will let you be yourself all the time.  This really helped me in finding myself and showing others my personality.   No matter who you come across in this company, they really are who they are!  You do not need to follow a script or be a robot, you can show your passion, you can express your feelings.   After I finished the 6-month internship, I knew that Hard Rock was the place that I wanted to be.  I jumped at the opportunity of joining Hard Rock Hotel Macau as part of the pre-opening team in 2009, and I have been ‘rocking and rolling' with the Hard Rock family ever since!  The relationships that I have with my managers and co-workers are incredibly supportive. We are a big family that values teamwork and strives to deliver Kick-Ass Service to both internal and external guests.

On top of all this, I am also very pleased with the opportunities for career advancement, development, and help in defining my career path.  Through the spirit, encouragement, and support from my supervisors and other team members, I have been given the tools and resources which I need to help with my career goals.  If you are willing to ROCK, put yourself out there and learn new things, the opportunities are awesome. I enjoy working hard and seeing that my efforts have made a difference. That's why I keep rockin' every single day! Are you ready? Come and ROCK the world with me!

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Macau are employed by City of Dreams.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Panama*

Jose P. - Jr. Chef

The thing I like most about Hard Rock is the team that I work with each day.  We work together like one united family and are all treated equally.

I started in 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel Panama as a Cook. I am thankful for the opportunity that has been granted to me in this brand.  Now my career has grown and I have achieved a better position within the kitchen, thanks to the support of my teammates and Hard Rock.

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Panama are employed by Megapolis Investment Group.

Location: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana*

Anelis G. - English Teacher

The Hard Rock brand has made a great and positive impact in every aspect of my life, not only professional but also personal as well.

When I first came to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, where I proudly work at as an English Instructor, I was quite a different person from the person that I am now.  I didn’t know that I could feel so accepted and understood just the way I am.  All the encouragement and support that I`ve been shown by staff members and our team, have changed the way I even treat my own family.  One of the Mottos of the brand is: TAKE TIME TO BE KIND.

To me at first, I wasn’t sure what this motto meant.  It was really difficult to do, because kindness was not very well defined to me.  I am proud to say that now I TAKE TIME TO BE KIND to people because I learned kindness from Hard Rock and from my co-workers who took the time to be kind to me and taught me.

*Staff members at Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana are employed by All Inclusive Collection.