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You don't have to leave our resort to find some of the best entertainment Davos, Switzerland, has to offer. We host tons of live acts, from indie rock to folk to Latin music, plus special events like dance nights. Find it here on our events calendar and book a stay when your favourite act is in town. Here, the hits are always playing. 



9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Hard Rock Hotel Davos

Rock band with horn section. Horns n' Roll for more than 20 years.

That's Bonkaponxz

They are good friends who make music together. It is still like that after twenty years of operation. In the musical field, however, a change took place from juvenile punk and ska to the self-proclaimed Horns'n'Roll. With several albums in their backpack, they travel to numerous gigs inland, but Copenhagen, Edinburgh or Hamburg have also been on the tour schedule. They are one of the indestructible fixed stars in the Graubünden music cosmos and can still be found in various places every year. Legendary also their annual donation concerts at Christmas.

Where: GMT+1 Bar

Start: 21:00

End: 00:00 o'clock

Free admission



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