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Hard Rock Hotel Davos
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Tobelmühlestrasse 2, 7270, Davos, Graubünden 7270, Switzerland
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Snowshoe hiking

Fresh air, sun & fun in the snow

Conquer deep snowy forests and untouched winter landscapes with snow shoes on your feet! Under local guidance and with top notch equipment, you are all set for a memorable tour out-of-the-beaten-track. From picturesque routes to panoramic views, there is endless itinerary options and our local guides will make sure your party gets the hidden secrets of the destination, its history and its evolution.

Not yet convinced? Wait until the sun goes down, light up your torche and follow the way to a magical outing with your snow shoes on. Now, let’s say your are in Davos on a full moon night. Forget about the torches, put on your snow shoes and follow the path. The moon will lead you through a mesmerising experience in which no light, no torches is needed.

Hint: this is best preceeded by a typical Grisons dinner in a traditional wooden hut in the mountains. 

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