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Live Music in Daytona Beach

The Party Never Stops at Hard Rock

At Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, there’s always something going on. From concerts to music events and local bands trying to make it big, you can find new events here each week. Book your stay at Hard Rock to see your favorite performer, or come to check out something new.  Please note all entertainment schedules and/or locations may be subject to change based on weather or business needs.  Please check daily for updated schedules.  

                       Most shows are free and open to the public.  Ticketed events will be listed as such and will require tickets!!


Fire Lake Band

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Fire Lake Band

Friday, May 29, 2020 May 29, 2020 Hard Rock Cafe International

Fire Lake is comprised of the following members:
Robert Keele- Guitar & Lead Vocals
Brent Clowers- Keyboards, Sax & backup vocals
Jonny Croce- Bass guitar and backup vocals
Jim Johnston- Lead guitar and backup vocals
David Jacks- Drums and backup vocals
Eddie Corns- Drums

Robert Keele and Brent Clowers met in October 2014 when Keele was hired to teach Middle
School Technology at Holly Hill K-8 where Clowers teaches Music, Band, Jazz Band and Chorus.
Jonny Croce was introduced to Keele at one his gigs through his sister who was a waitress
at the venue, Lagerheads. They soon after began performing at Caribbean Jack's as the duo
JC and Rob. About a year later Keele met drummer David Jacks at a solo performance at DJ's
Deck. Less than two months later they turned the duo JC and Rob into a trio. In the Spring
of 2017 Keele and Clowers agreed they should form a band and began booking shows. When
Keele's long time friend Jared George was unable to make the trip down to Florida for their first
show at the Ocean Deck, Clowers introduced a last-minute replacement Jim Johnston, who
he referred to as a "monster guitar player". Johnston had been a long time friend and Mister
Mellow band mate to Clowers. Johnston remains sole lead guitarist of the band. With Dave's
day job often taking him out of state, a substitute drummer was required to maintain the
bookings untertaken by the band. Through a Craigslist ad, Keele met Eddie Corns who remains
with the band. Fire Lake currently performs at Ocean Deck, Hard Rock Hotel, Cafe DaVinci
and more. Their influences are mostly Bob Seger, Allman Bros and David Bowie, but the also
perform many other bands' music including Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Elvis and many more.