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918 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida 32118, United States
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Live Music in Daytona Beach

The Party Never Stops at Hard Rock

At Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, there’s always something going on. From concerts to music events and local bands trying to make it big, you can find new events here each week. Book your stay at Hard Rock to see your favorite performer, or come to check out something new.  Please note all entertainment schedules and/or locations may be subject to change based on weather or business needs.  Please check daily for updated schedules.

Live Music on our Sessions Restaurant Terrace. Please see the calendar of events for schedule. 

Live music on our 3rd Floor Oceanfront Wave Terrace - Friday & Saturday - 8pm - 11:00pm (weather permitting)

Smooth Groove - 1st Fridays w/ the Love Band - Wave Terrace - 8pm - 12am



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Friday, September 27, 2019 September 27, 2019 Hard Rock Cafe International


The ’Aranyakkord’ (Golden Chord) is a pretty new and familiar duo project from the lead singer of the

Hungarian no. 1 alt-rock band named Quimby. Tibi Kiss is a well-known musician, singer, guitar player

and composer in Hungary. In his country he has already become a celebrated rock&roll icon. With his

poetic and surreal songs he mesmerizes his audience. His concerts with Quimby evoke the

atmosphere of the ancient, ecstatic festivities. The ’Aranyakkord’ quasi represents the roots of this

sort of music approach. We can get closer to the birth of the songs. This ’living-room’ music is

mesmeric and psychedelic. With his musician friend, Gábor Vastag, their golden chords are being

dreamt right in front of the audience through this sort of dirty country-blues and liveable chansons.

Andor Gábor is one of the leading percussionists in Hungary. Due to his musical sensitivity and versatility, he can appear in the Neoton Familia, with Andras Lovasi, Tibor Tátrai or with the band Quimby. His joining to  Aranyakkord completed the sound of Tibi Kiss and Gábor Vastag's duo

Moreover they scoop some extraordinary tales to adults as a dessert.

Special guest: Nikolett Pankovits

Aranyakkord on Facebook:  

Aranyakkord – 69 Dollar Guitar Amp: 

Aranyakkord - Pain:

Aranyakkord – Otthon lenni valahol: 

Aranyakkord - Üzenet van: 

Aranyakkord - Dalok a bolhapiacról (live session movie): 

Aranyakkord - Tudom, hogy hol vagyok (ft. Lajkó Félix):