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918 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida 32118, United States
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Live Music in Daytona Beach

The Party Never Stops at Hard Rock

At Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, there’s always something going on. From concerts to music events and local bands trying to make it big, you can find new events here each week. Book your stay at Hard Rock to see your favorite performer, or come to check out something new.  Please note all entertainment schedules and/or locations may be subject to change based on weather or business needs.  Please check daily for updated schedules.

Live Music on our Sessions Restaurant Terrace - Sunday - Thursday, 6pm - 9pm 

Live music on our 3rd Floor Oceanfront Wave Terrace - Friday & Saturday - 8pm - 11:00pm (weather permitting)

Smooth Groove - 1st Fridays w/ the Love Band - Wave Terrace - 8pm - 12am


Moonlight Drive-In Band

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Moonlight Drive-In Band

Friday, August 30, 2019 August 30, 2019 Hard Rock Cafe International

Moonlight Drive-In is an alternative/pop rock band . They preform as a cover band playing alt favorites from the 90's to now and original music as well.

Mai Tatro - lead vocals
Greg Davidson - guitar and back up vocals
Grayson Belcher - bass guitar
Shane Hager - drum

Brain child of Daytona-area musical prodigy Mai Tatro, Moonlight Drive-In is the culmination of multi-talented musicians that have a passion for performing and composition.

The musical team is comprised of:
- Mai Tatro - Lead Vocals
-Greg Davidson - Guitar and Vocals
-Grayson Belcher - Bass
-Shane Hager - Drums

Each member is a lifelong songwriter resulting in over 80 cumulative years of musical experience..

The band enjoys a diverse range of alternative rock/pop cover material, and currently settles in an alternative rock vibe with their original songs.

The musicians pride themselves in their ability to adapt, with mellow acoustic sets for small and intimate shows; as well as fully amplified sets for those moments where it's more appropriate to rock out.

Taking stages across the central Florida area by storm, the band stays busy with an eventful show schedule, all while finding time to moonlight at Full Sail University and Daytona State College and spearhead promotional efforts of digital streaming and broadcast radio appearances.

In the past 6 months, MLDI has managed to win first runner up in the 11th Annual Mai Tai Rumble for Best Cover Band, as well as winning #1 first place in the Finn’s Beachside Pub Original Songwriters Competition.

The band is currently in studio working on their upcoming EP release, as well as preparing a video shoot for one of the singles from the record.

With Moonlight Drive In, the sky isn't the limit; Mai and the boys can't stop reaching for the stars in hopes that the world will take them up on the offer for a moondance.

Without further cliche’, Moonlight Drive-In is:

I was born on December 3, 1999 - barely making for the 90’s baby cut-off!  I started learning guitar when I was 5 to spend time with my Grandfather, who sadly died when I turned 7. His death pushed me to keep learning.  I started playing piano at 10 because I reaaaallllly wanted to. I started singing professionally at 12 because of my favorite performance coach Mizz Jenn.  I also began dabbling with Ukulele, Bass, and violin at 15, 16, and 18 due to expanding musical interests.  My main musical inspirations are David Bowie, Queen, older Paramore, PVRIS, Avril Lavigne, and Coldplay

Shane -
Born on December 24, 1989 in West Palm Beach, Florida; I moved to north Carolina when i was 3.  I got my first drum set on my first birthday from my grandma as a joke on my parents and have been playing ever since!  I started playing drums in bars at 11.   I am the spawn of Def Leopard’s drummer’s left arm. Oh yeah, I shred guitar and slap-a da bass! Influenced by The Early November, Coheed and Cambria, A Day to Remember and Blink-182,

I was born in Nashville, TN on September 26, 1997 and moved to Florida in 2009.  I learned guitar when I was 13 and currently play acoustic and electric guitar, piano and bass.  My musical influences are Switchfoot, Muse, Red, and AC/DC.  My reason for learning to play is I felt a passion for guitar and that passion grew more and more over the years of me playing and practicing.

Having been exposed to the musical arts at an early age, my first trained focus was violin in the 3rd grade, and I continued to play orchestra until middle school. In 6th grade I briefly played clarinet, and trumpet. By 7th grade I was in a professionally performing and touring steel drum middle school band, as well as starting my own alternative rock band with classmates. Having been gifted a guitar less than 6 months prior, I performed for the entire school, and continued to do so in various bands throughout high school. 
Following high school, I entered the US Navy, where I performed with my ships band, the Wardawgs, most notably in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and on a pier in the United Arab Emirates. 
After leaving the Navy I settled in Daytona Beach.
I reached out to Mai Tatro, whom I had met years before at my first area open mic. She was looking for a guitarist/back up singer for her duo project "Moonlight Drive-In" 
Answering the call in short fashion, Mai and I soon discovered that we are a great creative team. The duo essentially outgrew itself, and the band blossomed with the addition of our Bass player and drummer.
I personally have to many musical influences to name