Have a question? Call 844-745-1502
Have a question? Call 844-745-1502
Have a question? Call 844-745-1502
Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

918 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118


When looking for restaurants in Daytona Beach, look no further than your doorstep. Start the day with a cocktail or end it with breakfast in bed – This is your show and you call the shots. Dine all-day on exceptional cuisine with non-stop entertainment at Sessions, enjoy a local beer at Wave Terrace, grab a coffee at Constant Grind, or fuel the after-party with room service. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ­Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach always delivers. 

Wave Terrace

Whether it’s the hottest band playing or the sounds of waves crashing and palm trees swaying, we know how to put on a show. On the third floor of Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach facing an incredible ocean-front stage, that’s exactly what we do. Wave Terrace is Daytona’s newest experience, where we serve up local beer, craft cocktails and an inspired seafood menu featuring ceviche, gazpacho, fresh seafood towers and straight from the oven bread—in a chic casual atmosphere. Add glowing fire pits and live music and you have a night out that can only be Hard Rock. 


Dining at Sessions restaurant will exceed your expectations. Luxurious rock-star style, contemporary decor and celebrity-style atmosphere coupled with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean adds to experience. Dine on unforgettable breakfasts, savory lunch offerings and innovative suppers that will leave you wanting more. 


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