3 Things That Make Vancouver the Best Fall Getaway

Vancouver, British Columbia is beautiful all year round, but fall is when this city shines. The weather cools down, the locals host seasonal events, and there is plenty to do throughout this spectacular season. There are countless reasons to love Vancouver in the fall and three of our favorites are the scenery, the local events, and the dining.

The Scenery

View of Vancouver water and trees from the sidewalk.

The Pacific Northwest is world-famous for its beautiful foliage, and visitors flock from all over the world to witness Vancouver in the fall. The area is home to over 50 different species of native trees, including Western Red Cedars, Douglas Firs, and Sitka Spruces. And when fall rolls around, you can be sure that these many trees will be showing off their changing colors. Treelined streets with bright reds, oranges, and yellows are what fall dreams are made of. Throw  in some local cider and pumpkins and you have yourself the epitome of this beautiful season.

There are many places to visit in Vancouver to catch this fall beauty in its fullest. Two of our favorites are Stanley Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden. Stanley Park is 400-hectares large and is a designated, national historic site of Canada. It’s a must-see for any Vancouver visitor, but especially during fall. The park features forest trails, a seawall on the bay, totem poles, and more. VanDusen Botanical Garden is a garden operated by the City of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association and features stunning blooms all year round. Make sure to check out their fall gallery for what you can expect in September, October, and November!

The Events

Ghost Train event held in Vancouver.attribute: https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/ghost-train.aspx

There is always something going on in this bustling city and fall is no exception. There are countless fall activities in Vancouver, including haunted explorations for Halloween, hikes, and film festivals!

If you can make it to Vancouver in time for Halloween, we suggest checking out The Zombie Syndrome Theatre Adventure, a chilling scavenger hunt where attendees have to find clues to stop a Zombie apocalypse! Or, if you have the guts, go to the Pacific National Exhibition’s Fright Nights, a truly spooky Vancouver fall event. There are also events for the whole family (read: not too scary for the kids) including many farms that have locally grown pumpkins, hay rides, and the famous Ghost Train in Stanley Park.

If you’d rather spend fall in Vancouver getting your body moving, it’s the perfect season for hikes and bike rides around the area. The weather is brisk (definitely bring a sweater, or two!) but winter hasn’t fully hit, yet. Venture over to Grouse Grind for a difficult hike, or stick with Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon for a more leisurely outing. Vancouver is known for its variety of hikes and fall is the perfect time to experience these amazing adventures.

For the cinephile (or those that just like a movie here and there), fall is the perfect time to visit Vancouver. The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) runs until mid-October and there are a number of others throughout the fall, including the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, and many more. All of these film festivals are held throughout October and November.

Lastly, there’s always Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, the area’s hotspot for all things entertainment. We have games, dining, and live entertainment conveniently located in Coquitlam, BC and the Vancouver metro area.

The Dining

Vancouver brunch spread at Medina Cafe.attribute: http://www.medinacafe.com/

Vancouver always has great dining choices, and while you’re there for all the fall festivities you might as well check out the top spots! A local favorite is The Flying Pig, a restaurant that promises to make you “see the impossible every time you visit.” Asylum is also a fun place to get food, dessert, and live entertainment. And wrap up your trip with a brunch trip to Medina Cafe before your flight and enjoy a lavender latte or a waffle topped with white chocolate pistachio rosewater (so delicious!).

Getting to Vancouver

Getting to Vancouver is very easy, especially for it being an international fall getaway. If you live in the Northwest, simply drive across the border in a car or RV. Or, you can fly into Vancouver International Airport and Air Canada will likely be the best choice of airline.

There are few places more beautiful and diverse than Vancouver, British Columbia during the fall. The area’s entertainment, food, and scenery make it the perfect fall getaway! Changing leaves, big, bright pumpkins, and live entertainment at the casino will make your fall getaway to Vancouver one for the books.