5 Awesome Delicacies You Need to Eat When You Are at Desaru Coast on A Holiday

Lush greenery, white-sand beaches and a waterpark for an added dash of fun! That’s what defines Desaru Coast as it quickly rises to become a popular spot for travellers from near and far alike. Sightseeing aside, Desaru Coast’s food scene is also fantastic these days — and is getting better at an astounding rate. But if you only have a weekend to take it all in, here are the five dishes you need to devour before you leave town.

1. Mexican Spicy Burger

Mexican Spicy Burger at Elephant & The Butterfly takes classic burgers to the next level.

At The Elephant & The Butterfly, Mexican cuisine takes up a new form. You are offered a culinary experience inspired by the fiery romance between two of Mexico’s greatest artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Order the Mexican Spicy Burger for a dish that brings the restaurant’s spirit to life in the most delectable fashion. You will enjoy the lean ground beef patty paired with Monterey Jack Cheese Slice, topped with grilled onion and fresh jalapeño, and covered with tomato salsa on a charcoal-infused bun. Served with salad and fries on the side. It’s juicy, tender, flavourful, and savory – a fiesta in your mouth.

2. Lamb Shank

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Lamb Shank, Elephant & The Butterfly, Dining
The Lamb Shank At Elephant & Butterfly is all about the flavour.

If you eat out often, then you know that lamb shanks can taste different depending on how they are prepared.  The Elephant & The Butterfly keeps it simple with this one. The chef balances the meat’s rich flavor with a gravy that’s brimming with mouthwatering spices.  So juicy and “fall off the bone tender” that you might just fall in love with it. Yum!

3. Lamb Biriyani

Sessions Restaurant, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Lamb Biryani, Dining,
Let the sinful aroma of Sessions’ Restaurant’s Lamb Biryani take you on a tasteful journey.

The Sessions Restaurant is famous for presenting local & international dishes with a Hard Rock twist to its customers. However, don’t forget to taste their confident version of a Malaysian favourite, the Lamb biryani. You will savour the rice that’s steamed with juicy pieces of lamb meat. If you also try their tasty Mee Mamak and one of their signature smoothies on your first visit, give yourself a pat on the back.

The restaurant also offers a scrumptious Hidangan Set for two, if you want to savour authentic Malay cuisine. The set includes: fresh greens, salads and traditional mains like Daging Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah, Ikan Asam Pedas, Gulai Kambing and Nasi Tomato followed by a Malay Kuih Set.

4. Nachos

Nachos, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Dining, Food, GMT+8
Nachos at GMT +8 is a perfect companion to your fun evenings.

If your ideas about bar snacks begin and end at French fries, GMT +8 is here to change your mind. Their Crunchy Nachos take the humble sweet & savoury mash-up to new heights.

This is also a perfect place to socialise as you get to enjoy daily live music, refreshing signature drinks, and the perfect atmosphere to have conversations with friends and fellow travellers.

5. Extreme Milkshakes

Extreme Milkshakes, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Food, Dining,
Constant Grind’s Extreme Milkshakes – extremely enormous, extremely yummy.

Constant Grind is known for being Instagram-worthy coffee spot to be seen at in Desaru Coast. You get to relax in a light-hearted café that provides you with a personal space to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Not a coffee fan? You’re in luck as you can relish their yummy, enormous Extreme Milkshakes. These famous drinks bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. Order one to taste a medley of chocolate, brownies, Nutella and more sweet surprises melt against your tongue.

Like what you see? Head out to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast for a culinary experience enriched by soulful music.

If you’re a true-blue music fan, you can also take the memorabilia tour to view significant pieces owned by rock stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Elvis Presley and more. Just visit the Concierge at Main Lobby on Level 3 to register.

Your perfect food-filled weekend vacation awaits!

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