5 Hard Rock Souvenirs To Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

If you love Hard Rock you will love what’s in store. The Rock Shop® is an exclusive store by Hard Rock featuring a diverse collection of music-inspired souvenirs. We found the top 5 items from our brand-new Rock Shop at Desaru Coast that can infuse the Hard Rock rhythm into your life.

Walking into Rock Shop is like re-living 40 years of glorious rock and roll. Every piece of merchandise has a unique story – something to inspire every musician that arrives at our doorsteps. A souvenir that brings back fond memories of living large to your favorite artist. And that’s not all.

You’ll pick up exactly what you need to create epic new memories….


We all love to live life amplified. Whether you are a grunge granddad or a teenage electronic dance lover, Rock Shop has something for all your musical preferences. Why get distracted by everyday chatter when you can spread your wings and create high notes? Check out these treasures and let us show you how:

Hard Rock T Shirts.Rock Shop has something for all your musical preferences.

  • UNIQUE DESARU COAST CITY SERIES: Sometimes photos are not enough. We want to hold a piece of our journey in the palm of our hands. We want to display our proud holiday moments on our shelves for all to see. Desaru Coast City Series celebrates your unforgettable adventure as a VIP Rock Star with your loved ones on the right note with unique caps, guitar pics, mugs and more on offer!

Hard Rock T Shirts Styling Options at the Rock Shop,                   Stand out like a rock star in our trademark t-shirts.

  • HARD ROCK T-SHIRTS: Solo or part of a family band, stand out like a rock star in our trademark t-shirts. You will be instantly identified as a true music lover on vacation and every day after. Be a part of the Hard Rock community worldwide. Strut around with major swag, pump your fists in the air and air-guitar as you please. Likes will follow.Buy the Hard Rock T-shirt at the Rock Shop for the musician in you.

Hard Rock T-shirt for the musician in you.

  • MINIATURE INSTRUMENTS: Fancy yourself Ringo with the drumsticks or Van Morrison with the guitar? Place our cute little authentic souvenirs where you can see them and feel inspired to express yourself every day. What’s better than having your own personal Hard Rock reminder to create your own beats?

Feel inspired to express yourself every day at the Rock Shop.Feel inspired to express yourself every day.

  • PLUSH TOYS: Rocking good times are not just for adults. We need our kids to believe in the power of their own creativity too. Our Roxtars will keep them company throughout thick and thin. You’ll love how happy this makes them. Introduce your kids to Buddy Jr., Sir Kingston, Styler and Razzi.             

Introduce your kids to our Roxtars at the Rock Shop.Introduce your kids to our Roxtars.

  • TIMELESS HARD ROCK PINS: Since 1985, we’ve created over 44,000 of these the world over. Classic guitar pins, Barbie pins, and even Hello Kitty pins. Our fans love them. One steadfast Hard Rock fan even collected 5,000 of them! At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast you will find unique pins celebrating Desaru Coast, Kuda Kepang, and more. Start your own collection today.

Hard Rock pins on jean jacket and t shirt.Collect unique pins celebrating Desaru Coast, Kuda Kepang, and more.


Have you decided which Hard Rock souvenirs you want to add to your rockstar hall of fame? Seize the opportunity to make your mark on an epic vacation at the Rock Shop, the next time you visit Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

Open from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Seven days a week.

Explore all Rock Shop products here! For more information, please call 07-838 8888. Until next time, keep calm and rock on.