72 Hours in Guadalajara

Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara

Searching for an alternative to fast-paced Mexico City? Consider relaxed Guadjalajara — the country’s second-largest city. There’s no shortage of things to do in Guadalajara, from the traditional (mariachi music and wide-brimmed sombreros both have their roots here) to the new restaurants, bars, and cultural institutions that are giving people more reasons than ever to rock out in this wonderful destination. 


Explore the streets of historic downtown Guadalajara. The city-sized village is perfect for wandering with no particular destination in mind.

Eat at Lulabistro, an inventive New Mexican restaurant in an industrial setting. It’s where chic locals enjoy a seasonal tasting menu that gets switched up with only the freshest, local ingredients throughout the year.

When you start to get tired, but you’re not quite ready to end the night, just head back to the hotel. Your first night will hit a high note with free live music at Sessions at Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara until midnight.


Start the day with a breakfast buffet at the hotel. 

Take a cultural tour of Guadalajara. At the Instituto Cultural de Cabañas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, see more than 300 works of art by José Clemente Orozco. The Basílica de Zapopan, one of the city’s most important churches, is an 18th-century landmark with a renowned statue of the Virgin Mary visited to this day by pilgrims from around the world. The even older Catedral de Guadalajara, the city’s grandest landmark, has been around since 1561.

Drink in the history of the city. Guadalajara is home to some of the best tequila distilleries in Mexico, providing an inside look at how the famously-strong stuff is made. The Casa Herradura distillery, located outside Guadalajara, is one of the best in the Jalisco region (and the country). Take a tour of the 1870 distillery, learn about the traditional production methods, and sample some of the best tequila in the world.

Eat at La Fonda de la Noche. Set in an art nouveau house, the restaurant itself is as stunning as the cuisine, which is focused on Mexico’s Durango region. Can’t make up your mind about what to order? Get the plato combinado to try the chef’s four favorite dishes, such as chilies that are stuffed with meat, fried, and served with a creamy, cheesy sauce.

After dinner, head to Café Galería André Breton, one of the city’s coolest bars, for cocktails, craft beers from around the world, and live music.


After all the tequila on Saturday, discover Mexico’s favorite hangover cure — tortas. The best can be enjoyed at Tortas Ahogadas Migue.

Ready to explore Guadalajara? 

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Writer: Nick Papa