The Best Bachelor Party Destinations Outside of Vegas

When it comes time to plan a man’s final rite of passage before marriage, best men often go for the cultural cliché. Without a second thought—and consultation from the husband-to-be—tickets are bought. Bags are packed. And off to Vegas everyone goes.

Yes, the desert destination sits at the stratosphere of bachelor party lists for good reason. But most have been there before—and for the very reason of celebrating an impending wedding amidst Strip-view bars, lavish suites, all-day parties, and endless nights of dancing, gambling, and unmentionable activities.

Sin City has become the default destination. Somewhere and somehow, someone decided that bachelor parties should always involve wallet-draining nights. Before you set out for the Mojave, consider the roads less traveled, the adventures less conquered; and ultimately, the excursion more meaningful. Because in the end, it’s the journey and adventure that will live to be retold into a mic beneath chandelier light while raising a glass to the happy couple.


The exotic locale of Thailand is known for attracting tourists from all over the world, but the country has seen a surge in the past few years as a top travel destination. Between the much sought-after street food, beautiful beaches, and friendly culture, it’s no wonder people are packing their bags to jet set here. If you want to make it a buddy trip for the books, head to Thailand and take part in more meaningful activities.

There are several volunteer opportunities available throughout Thailand that will fully immerse you into the spirituality and culture of the place they call the “land of smiles.” Rather than dropping hundreds of dollars on one night of bottle service at an overcrowded nightclub, spend the money on efforts that matter. When else will you have the opportunity to teach English to Buddhist monks or spend time working at an elephant camp with your best buds by your side?

Because this isn’t your conventional bachelor party, this will take a little more planning than the average night out, but the experience and memories will be well worth it.


People travel near and far for bachelor parties. These two bachelor party destinations will force you to forget about everyday life—and remind you to seize more sun out of each day.

Seem too far for a bachelor party? Pardon the pun, but yes you “Can”-cun. While this ever-popular vacation spot often conjures up memories of spring break, honeymooners, bachelors, and families also flock to its turquoise water and white sand beaches.

Despite the urge to stay at your hotel pool, sipping Pina Coladas until the sun sinks down over the horizon, fight the urge to confine yourselves; take a day trip to the Mayan ruins. If you don’t want to venture far, take a city bus ride to El Rey. This ancient Mayan city features dramatic and gigantic structures for exploring, climbing, and simple gazing. Or, plan an extended stay and volunteer with disabled children in Guadalajara. Most bachelor parties involve debauchery and a bit of shameful behavior. Why not turn the tables and return home knowing you’ve made a difference in the lives of others? Not a bad way to start a new life of wedded bliss.


Enter the biggest wild card on our list. Yes, Ohio. It’s the heart of it all and for all mischievous intents and party purposes, an amazing bachelor party destination. Ohio City has quickly become one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country. Of course, no trip to Cleveland is complete without a trip to one of America’s original microbrews, Great Lakes Brewing.

Before you go out, shoot over to North Coast harbor, the lakefront home to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and strum your air guitar before a night out at The Flats. Come nightfall, head to East 4th street to wine and dine, and toast local beers at Punch Bowl Social, a new staple in the infamous Flats entertainment district.

DESTINATION: MOABphoto-1434730737257-3e97ad16f4b6

At loss for bachelor party ideas? If it’s adventure you seek and danger you desire, head out to Moab, home of two of the Mighty 5® National Parks in Utah: Arches National Park and Canyonlands. It’s an adult playground of the highest order. You can drive just about anything that runs on gasoline, and it’s a mountain biker’s dream destination. Pedal your way through the best of Moab with a half- or full-day guided tour. You and your crew can also rock climb, paddle board, golf, fish, hike, skydive, ride ATVs, dirt bike ride, or simply drive and snap photos. If you’re looking to grab that group photo of the boys, head to Dead Horse Point State Park, and strike a pose in front of the famous Colorado River bend.

For a little solitude, hike the trails at Canyonlands from the mesa top to the White Rim and pitch tents in the backcountry. For a little sunset serenity, head to Delicate Arch and regroup for the next adventure. To enjoy a little organized chaos, rent 4x4s and kick dust and caution to the wind on Hell’s Revenge Trail.

Even if you go with the popular choice, don’t forget to enjoy each moment as it passes. And remember, you’re here for the bachelor. For a few short, beautifully chaotic days, this is his world and you’re just living in it. So, plan the day adventures. Explore your destinations and find meaningful ways to leave your mark. Jot down every last joke. And laugh into the wind. None of you will ever be this young again.

Go forth and be bachelors.