10 Worldwide Attractions We Bet You’ve Never Even Heard Of

Between unique museums, breathtaking landscapes, and noteworthy sites, there are thousands of lesser known getaways for the “off the beaten path” type. Here, we share ten of our favorite worldwide destinations that we bet you’ve never even heard of!

  1. Sahara El Beyda

Sahara El Beyda

Sahara El Beyda is an unbelievable spot that you have to see to believe. This desert bed has literally been around for millions of years and after a trip here, you will instantly understand why people call this travel destination a “magical experience.” Even though Sahara El Beyda is located about 45 miles from Farafra, Egypt, it’s surprisingly easy to get to. There are many travel tours that will take you through the midst of the salt rocks and you can even take a camel out to this unusual destination for a truly authentic experience!

  1. Loro Parque

Loro Parque

Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain is a must-see because of its Jurassic Park-like environment and long list of wild animals and vegetation. In fact, it has the largest collection of parrots! And if you want to see more of what Tenerife has to offer, you can easily go whale and dolphin watching, hiking in Teide National Park, and end your day at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

  1. Iligan (The City of Majestic Waterfalls)

Illigan, the city of majestic waterfalls.

Iligan is a city in the Philippines that is popular for tourists because of its beautiful waterfalls and hidden caves. This unique getaway is home to over 20 waterfalls, eight springs, and 15 caves! Most of these are easy to get to, so seeing some of the world’s most beautiful sites is only a short hike or tour away.

  1. Robolights in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Robolightsattribute: http://www.visitpalmsprings.com/events/robolights-return-to-palm-springs/238206

Now this unique attraction is just funky! As Visit Palm Springs likes to say, this weird site is a “fantastical, winter-wonderland-meets-sci-fi art installation” by artist Kenny Irwin Jr. It features giant robots, post-apocalyptic Christmas scenes, and more. 

  1. Hill of Buddha

Hill of Buddhaattribute: https://unusualplaces.org/makomanai-cemeterys-hill-of-buddha/

This amazing attraction outside of Sapporo, Japan will have you speechless. It features a 1500 ton Buddha surrounded by a tranquil garden of lavender and various sanctuaries. Whether you visit in the summer when the whole 180,000 acres are covered in purple or you see it as a snow-covered winter wonderland, this unique attraction is sure to amaze.

  1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworms cave

While “gnat larvae” might not sound like the most appealing characteristic, the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand are a must-see for any adventure lover. The caves feature an iridescent glow made by Arachnocampa Luminosa, a glowworm unique to New Zealand. The caves are located underground, deep underneath North Island, New Zealand, and they can be navigated by boat with the help of an expert tour guide. You can check tour times throughout the year on Waitomo’s website.

  1. Meghalaya


If you think Seattle is rainy, try visiting Meghalaya! This Indian city is the rainiest in the world and because of that, they have some truly amazing jungles and rainforests. Meghalaya receives about 467 inches of rain a year (compare that to Manchester’s 31.9 inches!), therefore wooden structures don’t last. Instead, the city relies on rubber trees and their roots to grow into infrastructure. Don’t forget your umbrella when planning your trip! Or, you could sport the local Khasi umbrella made from bamboo and banana leaves.

  1. Ggantija Temples

Ggantija Temples

The Ggantija Temples are located in Malta, a small island off the northeast coast of Africa. Malta itself is a unique getaway, and the temples are just one of the ways this beautiful island “wow”s. They are one of the oldest structures in the world and feature amazing rock formations that date back to between 3600 and 3200 BCE. Hard Rock Hotels is looking forward to our new Malta location, slated to open in 2020, to give people access to one of the most unusual places to visit.

  1. Colorado’s Cliffside Shop

Cliffside Shop in Coloradoattribute: https://www.designboom.com/design/cliffside-shop-colorado-thirty-seven-five-technology-08-31-2017/

Colorado is home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and great rock climbing spots, but a creative agency in the area took it one step further. They opened the world’s most remote pop-up shop, hoisted up 300 feet on Colorado’s famous Bastille Crack. Grab your gear and get shopping at this unique attraction!

  1. Trundle Manor

Trundle Manorattribute: http://www.trundlemanor.com/

Trundle Manor is the definition of a weird site to visit! Located in Pittsburgh, this unique museum is curated by a Mr. Arm and a Ms. Velda Von Minx. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity yet, maybe their collection of decapitated doll heads, taxidermied wildlife, or retro time machines will! And for those concerned, Mr. Arm and Velda make sure to share that “we are not killers, we are collectors” and that most of the things found in the museum are older than they are. Tours are exclusive, so make sure to check their website for availability.

This world is a big, crazy place and whether it’s a unique natural landscape or a weird oddity, there are plenty of unique attractions for the adventure junkie in your family!