Best Valentine’s Day Locations

Rock your loved one’s world this Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway for two. We’ve curated a list of Hard Rock Hotels that are in some of the world’s most swoon-inducing destinations. From the tropics to the Alps, here are our top picks for love-birds looking to spice things up.

Couples Getaway Ideas

A perfect mix of secluded beaches, hidden gems, and date-night activities, these Hard Rock Hotel destinations offer couples the perfect escape from reality.

San Diego beach pier at sunset

1. San Diego, California

Forget the cliched box of chocolates. San Diego has all the ingredients for a sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day weekend getaway. An urban retreat with miles of pristine coastline, this hip, sophisticated area has something for everyone.

For a respite from the crowds, head to Black’s Beach in La Jolla. Located beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs, this secluded area can be difficult to access. From the top of the mesa, follow Torrey Pines Glider Port Trail to the beach below. Keep in mind that nudity is allowed in a designated area of the beach.

Landscaped park in Pattaya, Thailand

2. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya’s powdery white beaches and crystal-blue waters stretch for miles. This gorgeous setting is the perfect place for a variety of beachside indulgences, water sport activities, and magical sunset strolls.

If you’re looking to veer slightly off the beaten path, head to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Cultural Village, located only a short drive from Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. The beautifully landscaped park is perfect for an all-day trip. There’s a shaded skywalk that passes by individually themed gardens inspired by Stonehenge, the Palace of Versaille, England’s hedgerows, and more. To experience all 600 acres in one visit, bicycles are available for rent at the location.

Village in Davos, Switzerland

3. Davos, Switzerland

Davos is a picture-perfect, all-season resort village amid the Rhaetian Alps of Graubünden. The scenery, resplendent with snowcapped peaks and gorgeous vistas, is enough to leave anyone feeling starry-eyed.

For a spectacularly romantic Valentine’s Day activity, couples can enjoy a chauffeured couch trip through the dazzling, snow-covered landscape. Daytime and nighttime rides are available, and journey times range from 1-4 hours.

A temple in Bali at sunset

4. Bali, Indonesia

A trip to Bali in February is the perfect way to ditch those lame Valentine’s Day traditions. This is a laid-back time of year when people come to enjoy a quiet time. The high-season crowds are gone, and couples can enjoy a blissful and relaxing Valentine’s Day weekend getaway.

Our Hard Rock Hotel in Bali offers a variety of ultra-luxe amenities. Indulge in couples’ spa treatments, candle lit dinners, or while away the hours beneath a private poolside cabana. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this!