Brunch Around the World

One of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to try different cuisines. Take your taste buds on an epic epicurean adventure by tasting the culinary staples and cultural favorites in each place you visit. No matter how much the human diet varies from country to country, the world can agree on one thing: nothing beats a delicious brunch.

Whether you’re seeking out a foodie-friendly brunch in Bali or the standard belated breakfast in Vegas, be sure to add these can’t-miss restaurants to your eat list.

This is how Ecuador does brunch. Cafe de la Vaca takes the farm-to-table concept to heart. Located on the outskirts of Quito in the rural town of Cayambe, this farm-based cafe is a haven for the modern foodie. Guests are free to roam the grounds and peer at the foliage-filled brush that dots the nearby mountains. You will find swings, grazing cows, wandering free-range chickens and even a zipline. When is the last time you had warm, fresh milk straight from the cow? This mountain-view cafe prides itself in offering fresh food, all sourced and prepared on site. Why can’t all food be like this?

Cafe De La Vaca in Ecuador

Mexico is known for its quintessential brunch dish: huevos rancheros. It’s hearty, savory and comforting with just the right amount of spice. But huevos divorciados puts a new spin on the classic favorite. While the dish translates to mean “divorced eggs,” it’s a separation we can get on board with. It still has homemade tortillas topped with sunny-side up eggs, though one comes covered in salsa verde and the other comes drenched in salsa roja. The two sides are divided by a thin, delicious line of refried beans and cheese.

Many cultures eat fish for breakfast. When you can get it fresh, why wouldn’t you? If you want a step up from the standard lox and bagels, but want to stick with seafood, then try mas huni. The dish is made with shredded tuna mixed with onion, chiles and coconut and scooped up with flatbread. The savory brunch staple of the Maldives can be easily recreated at home, but we all know food tastes much better when on vacation.

If you find yourself in a city that has a Hash House A Go Go, you better come hungry. The plates are massive, and easily provide enough food for two. Best known for their hashes served in iron skillets, you can mix proteins and build flavors a number of ways. However, their griddled meatloaf is award-winning. It’s served up with eggs, mashed potatoes, fruit and a biscuit. Not many people can truly call their meatloaf a winner, so be sure to give it a try.

Blueberry Pancakes for Brunch

The St. Regis Sunday brunch is not to be missed. Bodeka made its way on the map by putting a signature spin on everyday items and featuring local favorites like nasi goreng and mie goreng. The chef’s twist on French toast involves cinnamon butter and papaya lime jam for a sweet mix of tropical flavors. Plus, this particular brunch experience begins with complimentary apertifs, such as their signature Bloody Marys, to kick the day off right.

Brunch is a way of life in America’s Finest City. With warm temperatures and sunny skies nearly year-round, eating al fresco is the way to go. Cafe 21, located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, has a wide variety of omelets, pancakes and French toast. Go big time with one of their Dutch pancakes. If savory better satisfies your cravings, opt for the lamb kufta omelet, which comes filled with goat cheese and warmed by cast iron. Pair it with a mimosa flight or one of their beefed up Bloody Marys, which are like a meal in and of itself.  Where else can you get a drink with a multi-cheese sandwich skewer as a garnish?

Brunch is best suited when you’re in vacation mode. Halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch makes the first meal of the day more of an indulgence. Since food is such an essential part of how people plan their travels, make the most of your meals by eating your way towards the best brunch in the world.