This Is How You Connect with Music at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Music builds our character and is part of who we are today. Explore how Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast connects people with its passion for music.

“The Hard Rock is the only brand in the world that speaks the universal language of music.”

– Jim Allen, CEO, Hard Rock

Whether you’re a rock fanatic or pop lover, there’s always a place to connect yourself with music. Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast commits to deliver authentic experience to everyone through the beauty of music.

Appreciate Good Music at Rock Memorabilia

You must’ve heard of Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin about how legendary their music is. If you admire the classic rock ‘n’ roll, take the memorabilia tour and treat yourself to an ever-evolving, curated presentation of music with the greatest and most iconic collection of rock memorabilia. It feels like “stepping over the velvet rope” so you feel closer to the rich and famous.

Music Connection Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Find Your Perfect Tune at the Sound of Your Stay®

If music uplifts your soul and inspires you, check out our unique music amenity that provides you with firsthand interactive musical experiences, even in your hotel room. Get yourself ready for an out-of-the-world musical journey.

Want to feel like a rock star? Get access to one of the amazing Fender® guitars; enjoy an unforgettable in-room private jam session and sing your hearts out. Follow your instinct as strum the guitar to see what tunes you create.

You will receive an exclusive 10-track playlist, comprised of songs from the cutting-edge artists you’ll love. Finally, a Crosley turntable with a curated collection of 10 iconic records. Let the blissful music be your most loving soundtrack during your vacation.

Music Connection Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Sound Body™ for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Breathe. Ease into the whole new level of relaxation with our Sound Body™ program. Let the music come to the rescue with its rhythm so you forget about the bad energy.

The world’s first fully immersive music-centric Rock Spa® awaits. Treat yourself to a synchronized massage along with our curated soundtrack designed to benefit your entire body. As you revel in the rhythmic massage journey, feel the vibration from the massage table sending pulses to your body, it will leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

Love yoga? Relax, refresh, and get yourself back on track with Rock Om®. Allow your body to sink in the serenity with the energy of music. Say goodbye to anxiety and worry. You’ll immediately feel more calm, centered, and present.

Music Connection Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Rock Shop: A Remembrance of Your Travels

While you’re enjoying your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, you’ll soon realise how quickly time goes by. Take a little something from Rock Shop as a reminder of your travels, whether it’s a pin, t-shirt, or a plush toy.

If you’re an avid collector who loves to travel, pick a souvenir you like and start a Hard Rock collection. You’ll look back and reminisce about the authentic experience during your vacation.

Music Connection Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Connect Yourself to All Things Music

Planning for the next trip? Express yourself through all kinds of Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast’s music offerings during your vacation.

Experience what a truly musical holiday feels like!

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