How This Eminem-Approved DJ Developed The Ultimate Yoga Program With His Wife

This interview by Isis Briones was first published December 28, 2018 on  View original article. 

Yoga can be an intimidating workout, especially if it’s your first or second time experiencing the practice. Instead of being self-conscious and uncomfortable in front of a crowded class, this program eliminates any awkwardness by allowing you to go at your own pace in the comfort of your own hotel room. DJ Drez — who has collaborated with stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray, Eminem and more — along with his wife Marti Nikko had all types of yogis in mind when they came up with the Rock Om program for the iconic Hard Rock Hotel. From in-room yoga sessions to relaxing spa treatments incorporating music, it’s hands down a unique approach. “We are not only trying to reach those who do practice, but invite those who may be new and hesitant to try a traditional public class,” Marti Nikko explains. Read through their tips on how to get the most out of yoga and the program below.

Isis Briones: What’s your best beginner’s advice for anyone just starting out with yoga? 

Marti Nikko“We always suggest for beginner yogis to start at their local neighborhood yoga studio. Go to a minimum of five classes and with several teachers to discover what works for your mind and body. All teachers are not created equal, so it may take a few times before finding one or two that really resonate with you. Remember that it is a practice, so take it slow. There is no finish line.”

IB: When it comes to gear, what are some must-have items everyone needs in their gym bag? 

DJ Drez: “Actually, yoga doesn’t require a lot of gear. You simply need your body and comfortable clothes. That being said, a nice yoga mat is helpful. We prefer the Manduka Pro and Prolite mats the most.”

 IB: If doing more yoga is someone’s New Year’s resolution, what are some ways to ensure they keep up with it? 

MN: “Start slow. Don’t put a ton of condition and expectation on your commitment. A supported home practice can help with consistency. Take a few of the postures used in class and practice them at home on the off days for 15-20 minutes. One will find that the desire and need to practice will grow naturally and with ease.”

IB: On the flip side, do you as a couple have any resolutions? 

DD: “We need to have more family meals together. Would you believe that we don’t all eat at the same time? We do see value in this togetherness and we will give it a better go next year. We would also love to spend more time with friends. Traveling and child rearing can feel exhausting. It has turned us into true homebodies when we are home. We miss our friends, so we will create more opportunity to spend quality time together.”