Flying South: The Canadian Vacation Migration

Fall has come and gone, and now we are getting into the much colder months. Winter has arrived, which means it’s time to travel to warmer climates. Pack your flip flops and Hawaiian shirts and begin your migration south. We’re here to help you decide on the perfect location for exactly what you’re looking for!

San Diego

Who says you should travel a crazy distance to enjoy warmer temperatures? For Canadians, it’s just a few hours south by plane, until you’re enjoying beautiful beach views. San Diego is one of the best destinations for a quick getaway from your everyday routine. The city is known for its ideal weather year-round, and the winter months are some of the most affordable times to plan a vacation to this sunny destination. When staying in San Diego, there are plenty of activities to indulge in, such as a trip to one of the multiple beaches adding up to 70 miles of coastline, a visit to one of the country’s favorite zoos, or just enjoying all the amazing food. Never have a dull day during your vacation in the sunny state of California.


If you’re looking to really shake things up for your winter vacation and switch up the scenery completely, then we recommend heading to Spain. Barcelona and Madrid seem to hold the top spots when it comes to best Spanish cities. At The best time to explore is during the shoulder seasons (Easter-June & September-early December) because ticket prices are lower, crowds are at a minimum, and you will avoid the hotter temps. What also makes this destination great is you can enjoy the beach because the weather is still warmer than most of Europe during this time. Channel your inner poet and dive into the culture that surrounds you at one of the many jazz, art, and film festivals. Spain is also home to one of our crowd favorite hotels, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, with tons of dining and nightlife to complete your trip.


Time to get your suntan on! What better place to do this than in Cancun, Mexico? The best time to visit this beautiful city is during its peak season, which is late November through April. Yes, the crowds are a little heavier during these times, but this is primetime for perfect weather. Sitting on the beach and gazing at the ocean is the number one thing to do during your stay. But another recommended activity is to visit Chichen Itza. This pre-Hispanic city is definitely a must see due to its beautiful vistas, rich history, and intricate architecture. Another fun activity is to head to Isla Mujeres. On this island, you can snorkel and scuba dive through coral reefs, explore the remains of a Mayan temple, and even witness a sea turtle sanctuary! You can’t go wrong when you travel to Cancun for your winter vacation.

Riviera Maya

If Cancun doesn’t quite fit your fancy, then maybe the Riviera Maya coastline will suit you better! The climate is similar to Cancun, still bright and sunny, but with less rainfall. Let your tourist side take over when you stay at this amazing location. What about swimming in a cenote? A cenote is a large, natural sinkhole filled with fresh water that has been filtered through the ground, which makes it pure and clean. Another fun activity is spending the day at XCaret Park. Here you will find plenty of new things to explore, like underground rivers, jungles, and the culture that has made Riviera Maya what it is. A final must-do activity is to get out and join the nightlife scene. Parties await on the beach, in local hotspots, as well as more upscale locations.

With all this talk about warmer destinations, it’s time to make your vacation dreams a reality. Pick a location. Plan your itinerary. Then, pack your bag and head south for the winter!