How Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast is Boosting The Local Music Scene

Growing up, we spend a lot of our days listening to mainstream global hits on the radio, whether if it’s during an activity or purely just for the joy of music. How often would we pay attention to the music produced or performed by Malaysians? Some of the biggest stars such as Yuna, Zee Avi, or Shila Amzah gained local and international acclaim with their distinctive musical story and style, and now dominate our radio plays and music charts. 

Culture and diversity abound in Malaysia. You may be surprised by how wide the scope of music genres local singers falls under. Thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, the rise of local music is given the opportunities to let their music be heard. 

Songstress Yuna at New Year’s Eve Countdown

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast Local Music Scene

Malaysian artist, Yuna, performing on stage.

Malaysian-born pop and R&B singer-songwriter, Yuna presented her silky-smooth vocals at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast on New Year’s Eve last year. Prior to her fame, she uploaded her music on MySpace in 2006 and has garnered over a million plays. 

When it comes to making music, Yuna experiments with different styles and genres but never forgets to stay true to her own unique style. To her, nothing replaces live performances. “When you are an incredible live performer, it’s easy for you to gain popularity because people love great performers.” She truly believes local venues such as Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast is a great platform for new artists to have their music internationally recognised.

Today, her music wins the hearts of listeners across the globe with her mesmerizing vocals. She is the first Malaysian singer to be nominated for BET Awards in the USA. 


Jumero performing during the Rock The Coast


From playing football in their neighborhood to jamming sessions at home, Jared, Michael, and Ryan formed Jumero in 2012. Having the passion to support the local bands, the band constantly attends gigs to discover new acts for more inspiration to create new music. 

Though Malaysians are often inundated by mainstream, chart-topping hits from local radio stations, Jumero notices that people are starting to pay more attention to local music. In an interview for The Sun Daily, Michael believes “If it’s good music, then they would listen. If it’s not good, then they leave. It’s as simple as that.” From a musician’s perspective, what matters most is the effort of producing good music to entice listeners. 

With the rise of indie music in Malaysia, Jumero have played in at some of the most grossing music festivals including Urbanscapes 2012 and 2014, Redang Island Music Festival, Guinness Amplify 2014, and Good Vibes 2016. The band has certainly made an impression in the local music scene and have gone to performing in countries like Indonesia, China, Korea, and Japan. 

A Great Platform for the Music of Tomorrow 

Sometimes it’s good to listen to music a little closer to home. If you’re an avid music lover, you’ll love what Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has to offer. Bask in the ambience of live music from local musicians to cultivate their passion for music. 

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast Local Music SceneGerard Anthony showing off his guitar skills.

Recently, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast celebrated World Music Day with Rock the Coast music festival. Local artists such as Sherman Tan, Gerard Anthony, 9 Lives, Jumero, and Touch Mahal graced the stage showcasing their musical talents.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast Local Music Scene
9 Lives band performing at Rock the Coast.

That’s not all. If you’re staying at the hotel, feel free to enjoy your evenings with live music performances at GMT+8. The Sharp 9, Kirana Kay, Overnight Band, Rhythm Nation, and Patriot Band often perform at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast that celebrates music. Who knows? You might find your next favourite jam from a local singer! 

Rock the Coast 

If music is your passion, then you’ll appreciate the upcoming Rock the Coast in conjunction with Rocktoberfest 2019. Cover bands from all over Malaysia will be performing including Planktonics, The Sharp 9, Arjuna, Russell Curtis, and more. Admission is free. Mark your dates on 18th and 19th of October, there will be music, food, drinks, and fun for everyone!  

A Haven Where Music Is King 

At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, music is priority. Regardless of what music genres you enjoy, there’s always something for everyone. The Sound of Your Stay® is one of the most popular amenities for music lovers. Unleash your inner rock star with a private in-room jam session for a unique, out-of-the-world holiday experience. 

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