Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast and Yuna Join Hands On An Artist-First Mission

Yuna is a legend to budding Malaysian artists, and a source of inspiration to all of us. In this interview, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast empowers you with her tips for musical stardom.

Miles away, Hard Rock Rising calls on independent artists to kick off their music careers at the Battle of the Bands. Here at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Yuna echoed the initiative last month by providing invaluable tips for nurturing homegrown talents. The Malaysian popstar was at the hotel entertaining merrymakers with her silky vocals on New Year’s Eve.

For over forty-six years now, Hard Rock embodies music in its DNA. It has grown its brand by establishing rapport with diverse artists, building monuments and shrines with epic memorabilia displays, and launching 30,000 live music activations globally.

Like Hard Rock, Yuna has seen a meteoric rise-to-fame. Once an independent Malaysian artist streaming on Spotify, last year she was the first Malaysian singer to be nominated for BET Awards in the USA. She has performed with the likes of Usher on global tours and dreams to collaborate with Coldplay.

Interested in your shot at fame as a musician? Whether you’re a budding superstar or a music disciple, read on for inspiration to live your life amplified.

Yuna providing invaluable tips for nurturing Malaysian homegrown talents at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.Yuna providing invaluable tips for nurturing Malaysian homegrown talents at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.


You even hear her say these lines in “Best of Me” in her album Chapters, her 2016 album that also features the US chart-topping single “Crush” feat. Usher.

Cause once I was like you,

the struggles that I went through.

As a Malaysian musician who started out very young, Yuna looked for the right platform to accentuate her growth.


Online platforms are great, but nothing replaces live performances. Yuna relied on the web’s power as she started out on MySpace in 2006. But, the R&B legend believes that performing live is crucial:

“Local venues are a huge help to artists and singer songwriters who are from the area to perform live and gain and audience […] a live venue is a huge help to new artists to be better in performing and. gain new fans. When you are an incredible live performer, it’s easy for you to gain popularity because people love great performers.”  

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Yuna making a donation to Hard Rock's legendary music memorabilia collection.Yuna making a donation to Hard Rock’s legendary music memorabilia collection.


You can play with diverse genres and experiment with styles, as long you sound you. Yuna has successfully blended various elements into her own musical appeal that transcends borders. She never loses sight of what her signature style is.

 “I think it’s just from years of listening, singing, and writing different types of songs. I love music and I guess I make sure whatever I put out is something that I love fully, and something that is me. It’s important to make music that is 100% me.”

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There are no shortcuts; stay true to your path. Yuna has an empowering message for young independent artists who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Keep on going, work hard. It’s not easy. It’s just as hard as any other job out there. [Many] people think what I do is easy… It’s not. If anyone wants to get into [the music industry] they need discipline, respect for the people they work with, and know that they can always get better. So don’t pay attention to naysayers because you’re the only person who really knows what you can do.”

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast guests enjoying during the NYE Countdown Party.Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast guests enjoying during the NYE Countdown Party.


Last month, amidst revelry and great music during New Year’s Eve, Yuna donated a blue, velvet cardigan which she wore in Masquerade, Atlanta during her US tour– where Usher joined her on stage- to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast’s memorabilia collection.

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