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Pack your Bags for Drool-Worthy Global Dishes

For the hungry traveler looking to indulge in a gastronomical adventure, our destination guide offers a diverse taste of traditional foods from around the world.

Check out these culinary hotspots, discover your next best bite, and learn about the colorful stories behind the dishes:


Famous Foods in Florida

Boasting 2,276 miles of shoreline, it should come as no surprise that Florida’s culinary staple is seafood. Red snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, grouper, and a wide array of shell-fish, are especially popular.

Local vegetables, citrus, and tropical fruits—farm-fresh and in abundance—are often paired with dishes in the form of salsas, sauces, salads, desserts and frozen cocktails.

The Further North You Go, the More South It Gets

With its proximity to Cuba, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the food in South Florida represents a unique blend of island specialties known as Floribbean cuisine.

In the northern and central parts of the state, however, dishes are more heavily influenced by Southern culture (think BBQ, grits, biscuits and gravy, and fried green tomatoes, but with the exotic elements of Latin and Caribbean flavors).

Florida’s Best Bites

Avocado-Inspired Tuna Tartare

Food for Thought: Tuna Tartare’s beefy, European cousin, Steak Tartare, was originally named for the sauce it was served with (and not the horse-eating Mongols known as the Tatar, as common myth suggests).

Florida Red Snapper, Served with Broccolini, Fish Velouté, and Toasted Almonds

Mild tasting and firm in texture, Florida Red Snapper has a high culinary versatility and pairs particularly well with the sweet, earthy flavor of broccolini.


Traditional Goan Cuisine

Just east of the Arabian Sea, nestled into the southwest coast of India, lies Goa—the Pearl of India. With its palm-dotted shores and expansive, golden-sand beaches, this carefree coastal destination offers vacationers a distinctly different travel experience compared to other states in India.



A Seamless Blend of East and West

Small but packing a powerful culinary punch, Goan cuisine is influenced by its Hindu and colonial Catholic roots. Bold, spicy, and deliciously fragrant, local dishes typically contain coconut milk and various spices, along with meat, seafood, and rice as staple ingredients.

Goa’s Best Bites

Goan Kheema

“Kheema” is Hindi for ground meat and can refer to lamb, mutton, chicken, or beef. Prepared with lamb in a local style, this bold, meaty dish is intensely flavorful and spicy.

Prawn Curry

Seafood curry perfectly demonstrates the fusion of Indian and Portuguese flavors. This simple, authentic dish is made with local prawns, coconut gravy, kokum, and spices.

Swiss Delights

Traditional Alpine dishes reveal a mish-mash of German, French, and northern Italian influences. Whitefish (Felchen) from the Three-Lakes region near Geneva, is widely used in specialty seafood dishes, while apples and cheese are typical ingredients in the Swiss version of a grilled cheese sandwich.

A Passion for Gourmet

Best known for its chocolate and fabulous fondues, Switzerland is also the meat lover’s paradise, boasting over 400 different varieties of sausage and cured meat.

Even more remarkable is their passion for cheesemaking. The foundations of cheese culture in Switzerland date back to the 15th century when hard cheeses proved more durable and thus, were preferred over cottage cheese. Traditional methods are, to an extent, still used to this day.

Switzerland’s Best Bites

Zvieri Plättli

A cold cut platter, perfect for snacking or as a shared appetizer, that consists of Bűndnerfleisch and other cured meats, cheeses, and bread

Zentral Schweizer Felchenfilet

This specialty entrée is prepared with whitefish, butter, herbs, and tomatoes.


Hawker-Style Legends from Singapore

Diversity is the lifeblood of Singapore, and their society represents a wide array of cultures, customs, religions, and ethnicities.

For the curious traveler, the dining scene in Singapore offers a myriad of international cuisines. Sample authentic dishes from Malays, Chinese, and Indian, to Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Eurasian—all at this uniquely colorful destination.

The New York of Asia

Small yet flourishing, this island nation is among the wealthiest countries in Asia. Like other world cities, Singapore has an affinity for fine dining and boasts no less than 39 Michelin-star restaurants and hawker stalls.

Singapore’s Best Bites

With a near endless list of must-try dishes, a single trip will barely cover the surface of this renown dining scene. To narrow it down, however, here are two quintessentially Singaporean dishes your palate will surely love:

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings

Har cheong gai, or shrimp paste chicken, is the ideal appetizer for anyone who loves deep fried chicken wings. Made with fermented prawn paste, the chicken is left overnight to marinate in the batter. Once fried, the crust is light, delicate, and perfectly crispy.

Singapore Red Chili Crab

Despite its name, Red Chili Crab is not at all (that) spicy. This beloved seafood concoction is typically made with mud crab cooked to perfection in a sweet, savory, and slightly spicy tomato-based sauce.


Eat Like a Local at Sessions

Located at many Hard Rock Hotels, Sessions is our brand’s signature, regionally-inspired line of onsite restaurants. As the perfect introduction to the local food culture, diners can ease into a new cuisine before diving head-first into a new culinary adventure.