Rock the Coast: Here’s How We Celebrated World Music Day

World Music Day celebrates all genres of music from around the globe. Check out Rock the Coast music festival by Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

There’s Something for Everyone.

As you start to hear your favourite song, it gets right to your head and makes your body move. Regardless of its genre, music has the power to create an impact on the world and cultivate personal experiences on the human spirit.

Every year, on 21st June, music enthusiasts globally celebrate World Music Day — a day dedicated to giving meaning to the universal language of music. Spreading to over 120 countries as of 2019, music lovers gather on the Summer Solstice to share the stories, emotions, and the magic music creates.

Rock the Coast Music

Rock the Coast

In conjunction with World Music Day, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast hosted Rock The Coast music festival. The festival shed light on Malaysian artists with their musical talents to the crowd. With hundreds of attendees from Malaysia and neighbouring countries, the two-night event mesmerized everyone with delightful musical entertainment.

The first day kicked off with amazing live performances. The zealous music lovers cheered at Sherman Tan’s wide vocal range and soulful vibes. Followed by Gerard Anthony’s hearty cover songs, his voice instantly livened up the entire crowd. The appearance of DJ Aaron, the Vibe Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, immediately stirred everyone’s spirit to the peak with his groovy, upbeat spins. The night ended with the moving performance of Planktonic and Touch Mahal, one of the most famous local rock bands.

Rock The Coast Music

The festival was back in full spirit the next day. The flash mob came in full surprise by the crowd, including the little kids! As the day went on, The Sharp 9 and M.I.R.A. melted everyone on the spot with their incredible performances. Once again, DJ Aaron took the event to new heights with more of his thrilling spins. The unique contemporary tunes of Jumero contrasted perfectly with 9 Lives’ rocking vocals which was the final act of the festival.

Rock The Coast Music

With the exposure of various musical expression, the festival was certainly a blast to create authentic experiences for everyone – even for the kids. Little rock stars enjoyed the fashion show at Rock Shop®. They even got complimentary face-painting and temporary tattoos. Mascots from Adventure Water Park and Roxtars dropped by for a special appearance, exclusively for the little ones.

Rock the Coast Music

Rock The Coast Music

The Music Never Ends

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Let the Music Take You Away

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