Spring Cocktails to Sip Around the World

For half the world, spring means cold winter weather giving way to more temperate days. Can’t decide where to visit before droves of summer tourists arrive? Let your taste buds point the way with these refreshing spring cocktails to try in some of our favorite destinations around the world.

Mexico: Margarita

During prohibition, Americans who weren’t lucky enough to live in New York headed south of the border to go to the bar. There, they enjoyed a drink called the Daisy — made with brandy instead of tequila. The tequila variation of the drink took on the name Margarita, which is the Spanish word for daisy.

United Kingdom: Gin & Tonic

The classic Gin & Tonic was invented more for utility than enjoyment. As far back as the 1700s, travelers in India drank quinine in tonic water to prevent tropical diseases, like malaria. The concoction was made more pleasant by adding a mixture of water, sugar, lime, and gin. The universal drink is available almost anywhere, though several variations exist. While most come with a lime wedge, James Bond in Dr. No, for instance, calls for the juice of a whole lime in his G&T.

United States: Bee’s Knees

Thankfully, bathtub gin prepared in Prohibition-era America tasted nothing like the gin we know today. It was prepared literally in the bathtubs of those who broke the law to keep the party going in hidden speakeasy bars. So the gin needed to be mixed with something that hid the scent and flavor of the low-quality, homemade spirits. A mixture of fresh lemon juice, honey, and gin resulted in the Bee’s Knees. The saying from the ’20s meant “the best.”

Spain: Sangria

This isn’t the punch you had at your high school dance. Sangria is a Spanish punch, made from red wine and fresh fruit, and is among the most popular drinks throughout the country. From spring into summer, this cooling, invigorating drink is the best way to relax, whether in a restaurant, at the bar, or by the beach.

Singapore: Singapore Sling

This gin-based cocktail (gin is overwhelmingly the go-to drink for spring) was created in 1915 at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The cocktail changed somewhat over time, but reverted to the original recipe after the 1980s. It may be the most expensive cocktail on our list, but there’s no cocktail more refreshing on a hot Singapore day.

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