Sweet Sounds of Silence: The World’s Best Yoga and Wellness Retreat Destinations

A yoga and wellness retreat is a special kind of vacation focused solely on allowing you to reset the mind and body. Yes, it’s about relaxation, but a retreat offers something more meaningful. It’s about finding a better balance to your life, recharging the batteries, so to speak, and creating an inner peace to carry with you on your journey back home.

It’s only fitting that the best yoga retreats take place on beautiful beaches and desert lands around the world. What’s more soothing than the sound of ocean waves and desert winds as you find your zen?

There are countless yoga vacations around the world that may match your meaning of paradise. Here are some top destinations to satisfy your soul.

Palm Springs, CA

Although it may be a few hours from the ocean, this desert oasis has a quiet calm that makes it an alluring place for yogis to practice their flow. The dry heat can help you detoxify and the healthful menus of the area’s top chefs make “clean cuisine” tasty and fulfilling.

You don’t have to dedicate yourself for a full-blown weekend to get the most out of this desert wellness destination. Make it a DIY experience filled with plenty of sun salutations, a meditative hike through Joshua Tree, and an afternoon relaxing by the pool.

Bali, Indonesia

There are few places more spiritual to make the mind-body connection quite as well as Bali. One look at the clear, turquoise waters is enough to make anyone instantly relax. Wellness comes in multiple forms when in Bali; whether that means yoga in lush gardens, active meditations atop a paddle board, or renewing your spirit. It’s a choose-your-adventure type of feel all about listening to your own mind and body and honoring what feels good to you.

Detox at a day spa like Bali Vitality Detox and choose a plan that best fits your needs. Their spa packages are all focused on taking a holistic approach to different areas of concern for its guests. The Calm Mind De-Stress package, for example, is aimed at creating mindfulness and detoxifying the body at the same time. Each program comes with daily juices and vegetarian meal options with sessions that include chakra balancing, yoga practice, and spa treatments to pamper the body and relax the mind.

Since Bali is recognized as a premiere place for the best yoga, there are mats readily available nearly anywhere you go, but we suggest picking your favorite peaceful spot to start your practice. Change your vibe depending on the atmosphere you’re in and soak up the positive energy of this powerful island.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Enter exotic bliss surrounded by warm weather and ocean waters. If it’s a yoga vacation you’re looking for, you can choose a different type of class for every day of your vacation. Between Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, and beyond, you won’t have a problem finding a class to flow to.

It’d be a shame to travel to Riviera Maya and not spend time with the Yoga Dealer, the popular yoga studio owner offers yoga classes in Spanish, rooftop morning yoga, as well as Yoga By the Sea.

Additionally, when you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you have the option of full-blown amenities, pools, spa treatments, gym and exercise classes, world-class cuisine, and more all at your fingertips. Start your day with a yoga session and a green smoothie sitting poolside and then see where your day takes you. Even if you don’t embark on an official yoga retreat, you can still treat yourself while on vacation with a little extra attention to your mind and body.

Maui, Hawaii

Feel the spirit of the island in one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. The islands of Hawaii are nothing short of paradise and an ideal place to find your center and recharge. Maui Yoga & Dance Shala hosts yoga retreats throughout the spring and summer months with a wellness itinerary that includes activities such as yoga/surfing, island excursions (think: hiking, whale watching, snorkeling), yoga on the beach, and daily meditation and organic meals prepared fresh at their Island Fresh Cafe.

Maui is one of the most desired destinations on the planet. It’s a place where it’s easy to free your mind from the stresses of the day. Take time to explore the island and create your own wellness retreat with all the resources available to you in a tropical ambiance like no other.

Time for a Sweet Surrender

Some vacations are about non-stop activity. Some vacations mean being totally blissed out. Then, there are those vacations where the silence is meaningful, the slowed down pace helps you reset your life. Now is the time for a wellness retreat where the itinerary is all about you.