Where to Eat in Ibiza with Chef Paco Roncero

Paco Roncero helms the kitchen at the most expensive restaurant in the world. But Sublimotion, located in Hard Rock Ibiza, is way more than just a restaurant. It’s a three-hour, multi-sensory experience that includes 20 courses and immersive technology that engages all senses. One of the most innovative top chefs in Spain — and in the world — chef Roncero recommends the best places to eat and drink in Ibiza, and why it’s worth experiencing Sublimotion in 2019.

What are your favorite places to eat in Ibiza, and what do you order there?

Heart (Passeig Joan Carles I, 17) for a fun night where you let the tasting menu be the star. Es Boldadó (Playa Cala d’Hort) for a relaxing lunch by the sea. I always order the bullit de peix (a fish stew that’s typical in Ibiza).

Spring is just around the corner. Any recommendations for a refreshing cocktail to try and where in Ibiza we can find it?

I like the classics. I order the frozen Daiquiri and watch the sunset at The Ninth, the enormous rooftop sky lounge at Hard Rock Ibiza.

Is there a 2019 food trend that you’re most excited about?

I’m most excited about the marriage of the classic and the modern. It offers guests the best of both worlds in Spain.

Sublimotion has set the bar for a unique restaurant experience. How will you continue to push the boundaries this year?

With a totally different dining experience. The food is the focal point and the offering conveys the spirit of many international cuisines, all of which are very relevant in the food scene right now. But the difference is our focus on technology. Those who dine with us will be able to eat inside a video game by using special lenses. It’s the most advanced dining experience in the world. No one right now is able to enjoy real cuisine from within a virtual world.

Sublimotion gets a lot of press for being “the most expensive restaurant in the world.” But it’s much more than a typical Ibiza restaurant. If you could give someone just one reason to reserve a table in 2019, what would it be?

“To experience an extremely unique dining experience using all five senses. It’s truly so much more than just a dinner.”

Ready to experience Sublimotion? Start planning your next visit to Hard Rock Ibiza, where stylish accommodations, unforgettable amenities, and world-class dining and nightlife await.

Writer: Nick Papa