Where to Travel in September

Summer is winding down, but there’s still plenty of Vitamin D if you know where to search. Hard Rock is coming soon to destinations where the mercury is still high and there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate the final days of summer. These are the September travel destinations you need to visit now.


As the season winds down, the tourists pour out of Ibiza. While the temperatures are still as hot as July and August, it becomes far easier to get a spot on the beach or a table for dinner. Speaking of dinner, get insider tips on where to eat in Ibiza from our very own Chef Paco Roncero, who helms the kitchen at Sublimotion — one of the most famous restaurants in the world.

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Dublin – Coming Soon

Ireland is a blast any time of year. But when you stay in September, you can celebrate the end of summer with a day trip to the Galway International Oyster Festival. Sling back oysters and pop bottles of champagne surrounded by stunning harbor views. Coming in 2020, Hard Rock Hotel Dublin will shine a light on the musical vibrancy of the destination.

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New York – Coming Soon

Between summer and fall is the best time to visit New York City. There are no lazy, hazy days in the city — just unforgiving summer heat. September offers warm days with the fresh air of fall on the horizon. The city’s gears start turning again in September when locals return from August beach days on Long Island or mountain retreats in upstate New York — making now a great time to also explore the Hamptons or the Hudson River Valley.

Barcelona – Coming Soon

While northern Europe solidly cools down in September, it’s still all sun, sand, and surf in Barcelona. September 11 is Catalonia’s national holiday — so be prepared for fun, week-long festivals, but also for plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to close. Still, it’s the best time to get the local flavor of the city, with parades, concerts, and celebrations.

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Spend summer at more than a dozen of the world’s most famous theme parks.Whether you’re looking for the excitement of the coasters or to experience attractions at a more relaxing pace, Orlando has the perfect theme park for you. Need help deciding which is best for you? Hard Rock has you covered: here’s how to pick an Orlando theme park.

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