5 World-Famous Rock Star Memorabilia You Have to See At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Remember the days when you blasted your ears with the chart-topping rock ‘n’ roll music? Now imagine those moments encapsulated in your luxurious hotel room. World-famous rock memorabilia adorning the walls, bringing back memories of the most glamorous outfits ever to grace a rock star on stage.   That’s the magic that awaits you at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

You’ve never been closer to the rich and famous than this.

Feast Your Eyes With The Greatest Rock Memorabilia

Walk down the memory lane to reminisce the good rock ‘n’ roll times. Whether you’re a rocker who loves The Rolling Stones or Elvis Presley, come and experience a world-famous memorabilia collection at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast — all of which began with an Eric Clapton guitar.

1. Elvis Presley’s Suit

Elvis Presley, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Memorabilia,
Elvis Presley’s Gold Suit And Tie

Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender… Back in the 60s, these songs ushered in a whole new era of American music and popular culture, together with Elvis Presley’s provocative gyrating hips and incredibly good looks. From his humble beginnings through his fascinating musical journey, he’s earned the undefeated title of the ‘King of Rock ‘N’ Roll’. If you’re a big fan, the sparkly gold suit from The King will catch your attention.

2. Marilyn Manson’s Gucci Suit

Gucci Suit, Marilyn Manson, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast,
Marilyn Manson’s Gucci Suit

We all know that Marilyn Manson is known for his outrageous outfits that reject the mainstream culture. Till today, the American goth-rock performer is still a style icon that remains true to himself. At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, you’ll relive back in the past with the stylish suit worn by Tim Skold during Manson’s 2007 world tour.

3. The Rolling Stones Jacket

Brian Jones, The Rolling Stones, Memorabilia, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
The Rolling Stones Jacket

The most successful and most critically acclaimed rock band of all time — The Rolling Stones. Over 50 years of popularity around the world, their music still stay in our hearts till today.

Owned and worn by Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones in the late ‘60s.

4. Led Zeppelin’s Drum Gear & Jacket

Led Zeppelin, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Memorabilia,
Led Zeppelin’s Jacket

With wildly popular songs such as Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Kashmir as their legacy, Led Zeppelin is a band that enjoys reverence across musical genres and generations. Their rock classics, mixing blues, folk and eastern influences continue to enthrall music lovers. Whether you’re a Rock n’ Roll fan or not, the band’s frontman’s Native American-style jacket on display at the hotel’s lobby will transcend you back to the magical era.

However, if your current playlist still features Dazed and Confused, then you will certainly enjoy being in the presence of the legendary John Bonham’s drum gear on display. When he combined it with his giant Ludwig tubs, Bonham used to create magic with his naturally loose and behind-the-beat style.

5. The Who’s Purple Suit

The Who, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Memorabilia,

The Who’s Purple Suit

The Who’s influence on music is remarkable, to say the least. The English rock band became one of the biggest rock bands in history with their 1971 album Who’s Next. And, while Pete Townshend is its most celebrated artist, John Entwistle was a key member of the band. With a deafening but dextrous take on bass and a befitting nickname, Thunderfingers, he perfectly matched the band’s explosive performance style. Even today, music fans celebrate that ethos by admiring the purple suit he wore in his iconic performances that’s on display at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.


There’s more in store! Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast is home to a collection of more than 30 pieces of memorabilia. The hotel plans to grow the collection with the ongoing contribution of local and international artists visiting the property.

You can also join its free memorabilia tour every day that’s organized by its vibe manager! Visit the hotel’s Concierge at Main Lobby on Level 3 to register.

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