It’s a long way to the top So now there’s a shortcut


Introducing the ultimate way to live out your fist-pumping guitar-shredding fantasy with expert instruction and accelerated stage training at the Music Lab of the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. As part of your all inclusive stay, there's no experience needed and all guests ages 12 and over are welcome to play. Enjoy fame, amigo. As far as we're concerned, you're in the band.

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Jam Band

Ever wonder what it would be like to play in a rock ‘n roll band? Jam Band gives you the opportunity to be a rock star for a day regardless of your skill level. Choose to play 1 of 4 instruments or be the lead singer in a rock band of up to 4 people. Your very own Rock Specialist will coach you through rehearsals and onto the big stage where you will perform in front of a live audience.

Price: Included as part of your all-inclusive stay.

Mix You're the DJ

Follow today’s newest music trend and become a music producer! Throw some beats, bass and instruments and let the music 􀃸ow. Using the vocal track from one of the songs in our list and an easy-to-use music app, release your creativity to transform and make new remixes of popular songs and live a true DJ experience.

Price: Included as part of your all-inclusive stay.


Welcome to the limelight, you’re now the star of your very own music video. Introducing our brand new Music Lab Sessions and Music Lab Live experiences, now each gig that you do with us will be recorded on video, edited and sent to you so you can always remember your rockstar-like experience! Try it with any of our activities: Live Mix, Studio Time or Jam Band. Rock On!

Price: Included as part of your all-inclusive stay.

Studio Time

Now all our rockers can record their own music track on a Recording Studio. Pick your favorite tune and fill in for any instrument on the track. If playing an instrument it’s not your thing, you can always sing along! And in the end you’ll get a remastered version you can share with your biggest fans.

Price: Included as part of your all-inclusive stay.

To register please visit:
For more information on location and hours please contact Guest Relations at Ext. 4182 or 4191

Guests must be 12 years of age or older to participate. Sessions start promptly. Guests will not be able to join if they arrive 5 minutes after the start of the session. Music instrument is not guaranteed. Once registered, guests must cancel by 10:00 AM the day of their confirmed session. If reservation is not cancelled or cancelled late there will be a $50 cancellation fee. All sessions are subject to time and schedule change or cancellation. Registered guests will be notified of changes or cancellations prior to their scheduled session. Guests who register will be given priority. Those not registered will be on a first come, first serve basis.