Your Little Roxtars Our Big Stage

Please note: Kids Club is currently closed until further notice. Instead, kids activities will be conducted by the pool and children must be accompanied by an adult. When reopened, children with symptoms will not be admitted into the kids club and the facility will undergo frequent and rigorous disinfection, while kids and employees will practice correct hygiene and hand sanitizing techniques.


Give the kids their own piece of paradise with the Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club™ . Here, endless entertainment awaits with tons of activities, games, crafts, and music. While the kids are off in the ultimate hangout place making friends, forming bands, and having the time of their lives, parents can relax knowing their little legends are in good hands.


Rock On Theme Days

With different themes every day, no two shows are ever the same at the Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club™ . The kids can take part in everything from arts and crafts, snorkeling, talent shows, to epic pool parties.


Styler Rockin Day

  • Tattoos
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Dance Steps

Battle of the Bands

  • Just Dance
  • Guitar Hero
  • Talent Show

Roxtar Rocks

  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Dance Lessons

Buddy Jr.’s Bongo Beach Party

  • Superheroes games
  • Buddy Jr. bandanas
  • Drawing contest

Rock Around the World

  • Mini-Olympics
  • Make your own flag
  • World Trivia

Rainy Day Activities

  • Pictionary
  • Rock a minute
  • Dance lessons

Razzi’s Mash Up

  • Arts with clay
  • Crazy pencils
  • Rope challenge

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Art

Evening Activities

  • Movie Mania
  • Music Madness
  • PJ Percussion Party


Meet the Roxtars, they’re Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club’s™ colorful headliners and your kids' biggest fans. With Skiddley, the lead singer on sax, Styler and Sir Kingston on guitar, Buddy Jr. on drums and Razzi on keyboard, the show never stops.

Pictures of the club friends