Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen
+86 (0)755 3395 2888

No.9 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, 518110 China


Welcome to the top. It’s nice up here. Soak in the sun, swim a few laps, or indulge in some people watching. No matter how you want to enjoy the water, we’ll give you the perfect way to do it with a stunning rooftop pool experience. Surrounded by a party deck that’s perfect for relaxing or sipping a few cocktails, our spectacular pool is open day and night.

Perched high above it all, our rooftop pool delivers stunning views of the local area as a backdrop to the ultimate pool party. This dynamic atmosphere makes for the perfect place to chill with your friends — or make some waves with new ones.

* Our swimming pool will be opening soon, we're just fine tuning the experience. Check back for more updates.


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Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen No. 9 Mission Hills Road Shenzhen, 518110 China Phone Number +86 (0) 755 3395 2888