Have a question? Call 850-668-2222
Have a question? Call 850-668-2222
Have a question? Call 850-668-2222
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

No.9 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, 518110 China

Sessions—Bring Your Friends, Grab a Table

Experience a produce-driven menu filled with local contemporary favorites and international cuisines at Sessions, Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen’s extraordinary dining experience for guests of all tastes. Like a carefully crafted sound stage or a beautifully composed symphony, we focus on craftsmanship. Our presentation will blow your minds, and our incredible flavors will take you to another reality. Enjoy.

Sample the Local Flavor

Grab a drink and get ready for a new culinary sensation. At Sessions, our open kitchen puts you center stage as our chefs prepare meals made with locally sourced ingredients and culinary passion. From a creative buffet filled with amazing options to a la carte menus and daily specials, Sessions is truly the ideal place to meet up and chow down when you’re looking for exceptional dining in Shenzhen.

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Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen No. 9 Mission Hills Road Shenzhen, 518110 China Phone Number 850-668-2222