Ready to take full advantage of your holiday stay? Start the day in a fabulous hotel such as Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, take a dip on the wonderful beaches of the island and prepare to enjoy a unique dining experience in Tenerife.


In addition to landscapes of incredible beauty, the island´s local cuisine boasts of delicious food and refreshing drinks that go well with the bustling energy of the city, full of restaurants and magnificent option on where to eat in Tenerife.

Dishes such as the famous 'papas con mojo', 'ropa vieja' and 'gofio' or products such as their famous traditional cheeses or exotic wines from volcanic soil, have crossed borders and conquered palates from all corners of the planet.

Tenerife is an eclectic land, with migrants and citizens with origins from Venezuela, Columbia, Africa…who have left their mark on the island´s gastronomy. One bite at a time, immerse yourself in the sublime gastronomic journey of Tenerife.


Tenerife´s cuisine is simple and tasty in equal parts. Local products give it a unique flavour and its traditional dishes are a real delight for tourists and residents.

If we are talking about main ingredients, the banana is the true rockstar of Canarian gastronomy. But there is much more. Among the products you can eat in Tenerife, tropical fruits and vegetables abound, fresh fish, and meat from native species such as the goat.

The potatoes or 'papas', as we say in Tenerife, are present in many recipes in our cook book: stews, “pucheros” or with our star sauce, the mojo.

The mojo is a traditional sauce that accompanies many of the dishes you will eat in Tenerife: red, with paprika, or green, with coriander.

The cheeses, another of the delicacies you can eat in Tenerife, are made mainly from goat's milk, although you can also find them with cow's and sheep's milk, an authentic delicacy.

Among its most traditional dishes, you can find the "ropa vieja", a dish that used to be made with the stew leftover ingredients, using chickpeas and various types of meat, which is then spiced, shredded and mixed in the pan with the rest of the chickpeas and potatoes left over from the stew.

Another dish you should eat in Tenerife is gofio. Of aboriginal origin, it is prepared from cereals and has many nutritional properties. It is made from different grains that give rise to a very fine wholegrain flour and is sometimes used complementary as a side dish, and occasionally as an ingredient in desserts and ice creams.

Tenerife is, historically, land of wines and offers five own Denominations of Origin: Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de Güímar and Valle de La Orotava. With century-old vines with more than four centuries of history, Tenerife preserves some of the oldest Malvasia grapes in the world and produces very original volcanic soil-based wines.

Eating in Tenerife should be a breeze with so many interesting options. While in a restaurant, don´t pass the opportunity to pair your meal with a local wine and fully enjoy the gastronomic experience Tenerife has to offer.


Before recommending all the fabulous places to eat and drink in Tenerife, first stop by the six exquisite restaurants at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife for the best dining experience on the island. By choosing the All-Inclusive service, you have exotic and delicious options at your fingertips, every day of your stay, eating in Tenerife, made easy. But if we´re talking about immersing in the local cuisine and culture, there´s nothing like trying out the offers of local restaurants, bars and taverns on the island.

Near the hotel you can find an important culinary offer with a multitude of restaurants where you can opt for traditional dishes and products with the brand Tenerife. And in the capital, the offer multiplies. Creative, traditional, international cuisine... a delicious option for every day. Take a bite. Taste every moment. Make sure you “clean your plate”. Bon appetite!

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